Exterior Summer Cleaning Projects in Covington, GA; Pressure Washing Solutions for the Outside of Your House

Temperatures are rising in Georgia and you have probably already taken care of all of your spring cleaning projects and you are now taking some time to sit back and relax in the summer sun. But not so fast! Now is the perfect time to start focusing on your exterior summer cleaning projects and start getting a plan in place for the cooler weather. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning provides trusted pressure cleaning & power washing. Whether your homes needs a quick clean up or a major pressure washing face lift, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has your entire exterior cleaning covered. At Big Moose Pressure Cleaning we are the experts when it comes to high pressure and low pressure cleaning. Our experienced technicians use state of the art mobile hot water cleaning equipment and also the latest in soft washing techniques to help protect your property and investment.

How Do I Take Care of the Outside of My House this Summer?

The experts at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning have provided the following list of recommendations for exterior summer cleaning and maintenance projects to ensure your home is kept in tip-top condition.
• Inspect the entire exterior of your home, look for paint that is lifting and peeling, splitting wood or areas where the wood grain has separated. Also check for mold and mildew on siding.
• Check the roof for damage and look for areas that could potentially leak.
• Improve landscaping by spreading mulch around shrubs and flowerbeds.
• Check gutters for debris and ensure that downspouts are facing away from the foundation of the home.
• Pressure or Power wash and sand and reseal the deck.

Benefits to House Pressure Washing Solutions

Pressure washing is a fast and effective way to clean siding, driveways, decks and many other exterior areas or surfaces around your home. It is also a great way to clean and brighten fences and outdoor play equipment and hard to reach areas like masonry. Some of the benefits of pressure and power washing include making your exterior surfaces look new, reducing the wear and tear on your home by removing dirt, mold, insects and weeds that have the potential to break down and cause damage to wood and siding. Left unchecked organic matter can even begin to destroy protective paint and stains. Keeping the exterior of your home clean and well maintained will also increase curb appeal and raise the value of your investment. Other benefits of pressure washing include cleaning and sanitizing children’s outdoor play equipment and removing oil stains from driveways and walkways and debris from gutters and downspouts.

Pressure Cleaning, Power Washing & More in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove, Griffin, Stockbridge & Social Circle, Georgia

The professional and highly trained technicians at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will arrive at your property with specialty equipment, including an assortment of ladders, detergents and degreasers and expertly power wash the areas you need cleaned. Our skilled technicians will ensure that the pressure washing applications are applied with the appropriate pressure settings and nozzles to ensure that each job is completed to provide the best possible results without damaging your home’s exterior surfaces. Call Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today and ask to speak to a customer service professional regarding your exterior summer cleaning projects. Allow us to maintain the beauty of your home while you spend your time doing the things you love to do.

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