Abrasive Sandblasting Applications; Concrete, Brick, Stone, Wood & More

There are times that certain repairs can be done no other way than with the help of sandblasting. The experts at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning offer sandblasting services to those that need rust, paint, contaminants, grime or stains removed and have been unsuccessful using any other methods; or don’t want to waste time on the chance they might not work! Sandblasting gives you the ability to remove dirt, debris, rust, paint and other contaminants from surfaces, leaving them ready for painting and refinishing. Whether you are in need of sandblasting services in a residential or commercial setting, our team of licensed technicians have the resources and training to provide you with excellent customer service as well as quality work you can count on.

Sandblasting Media Guide

Sandblasting is a thorough cleaning method used on a variety of different types of surfaces. Here are a few surfaces that sandblasting can be used to clean:
• Brick
• Stone
• Steel
• Concrete
• Wood
• & More

Sandblasting Applications

Sandblasting can be used in many applications throughout residential, commercial and industrial industries. Following are a few cleaning and restoration areas we can help you with:
• Automotive
• Marine
• Refinery
• Fleet Vehicles
• Graffiti Removal
• Stripe Removal
• Heavy Equipment
• Surface Cleaning
• Powder Coating
• Offshore
• Wood Restoration
• & More

Different Types of Abrasive Sandblasting

When it comes to sandblasting, there are two main types, dry sandblasting and wet sandblasting. Following is an explanation of both services.
Dry Sandblasting– As the process of dry sandblasting takes place, a high-pressure stream of air is used along with sand to clean surfaces. This method is often used to remove rust on metal surfaces to prepare them for painting. While it is effective, it creates a lot of dust to deal with.
Wet Sandblasting– This is the superior dustless process Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is proud to utilize! With this method, rather than air, a high pressurized stream of water is combined with sand. This method is used to prepare surface for paint as well, but it works differently. Wet sandblasting has the ability to rough up the substrate surface which allows better paint absorption. By mixing abrasive with water inside the blast tank, we drastically increase the energy and mass our dustless sandblasting machine is putting out, while at the same time eliminating dust.

Why Choose Us as Your Sandblaster

The sandblasting experts at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning have received extensive training and have the resources needed to provide you with the quality sandblasting services. It doesn’t matter if you are in need of exterior wall paint preparation, heavy equipment cleaned or wood restored; using sandblasting methods, our team of experts will work to ensure you’re more than satisfied with the services you receive. We will work around your schedule so your home or business is disrupted as little as possible.

Highest Quality Sandblasting Equipment

Sandblasting any surface requires specific training to avoid damaging the surface. The technicians at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning use equipment that is calibrated to ensure the right cleaning strength is being used to avoid damage. We have access to the tools necessary to safely complete the job as efficiently as possible. When the proper care isn’t taken during the sandblasting process, harmful contaminants can become airborne and put you and the ones you love at risk. You can count on our team of technicians to take those precautions necessary to ensure safety.

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If you are getting ready to tackle a project that is in need of sandblasting, you can’t go wrong when you choose Big Moose Pressure Cleaning. The lines of communication will be open so that we can perform our sandblasting services to the best of our ability while exceeding all of your expectations. Call us today!

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