Pressure Washing Glossary

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Power Washing Glossary

In an effort to extend our customer service online, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has included a glossary to help our customers throughout Georgia better understand some of the terms frequently heard in the industry.
Belt Drive: Permitting the pumps to turn at a lower RPM than a direct drive pressure washer, a belt-driven unit runs on a gear reduction pulley system. The advantages of this unit are vibration absorption, operating at low temperature, a longer projected lifespan.
Clutch: To prevent the pump from overheating, a pump clutch stops the pump immediately when the trigger is released.
Cleaning Units (CU): These are found when you multiply the pressure by water volume; PSI x GPM.
Direct Drive: An alternative is a belt driven pressure washer; this pump is directly connected to the engine. With a simpler design overall, the direct driven pump spins at the same RPM as the engine. An unfortunate disadvantage is that these units may experience more wear and tear with heavy or frequent use.
Gallons Per Minute (GPM): This is the unit for measuring water flow. To determine how quickly and efficiently the job can be done, you take the volume of water combined with the machine’s PSI. The quicker dirt can be removed from the surface is suggested by the higher the GPM is.
Nozzle: Creating the pressure by shaping or angling the spray, the nozzle is the fixture at the end of the hose. Creating a more concentrated powerful spray while a broader spray will deliver less direct strength, a narrower or flatter nozzle is used.
Pounds per Square Inch (PSI): Referencing how much pressure is applied to the surface being cleaned. With a few varying factors, the PSI can vary; units can range from 1,000PSI to 3,500PSI.
Revolutions per Minute (RPM): Measuring the full turns the pressure washer engine does in each minute.
Thermal Relief: A safety feature constructed to prevent overheating of the pump, the thermal relief valve on a pressure washer. When the spray trigger is closed so there is no pump damage, thermal relief is used to reduce the build-up of water within the pump.
Variable Pressure Control: Providing greater versatility and efficiency, the variable pressure control is a pressure washer feature that allows the user to adjust the water pressure based on the cleaning job.

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