History of the Pressure Washing Business; Water Trigger Valves & Other Exterior Cleaning Advancements in Porterdale, GA

Pressure washing is a popular method to clean house siding, concrete, automobiles and other objects without using harsh chemicals. Pressure washing is extremely effective and can produce results that no other cleaning method can. Pressure washing has actually been around a lot longer than you may have thought. Pressure washing began in the late 1970’s…

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Pros of Power Washing for Apartment Complexes in Oxford, GA; Curbside Appeal, Safety, Pest Prevention & More

For those who own or manage an apartment complex, you know the struggle of keeping the complex clean. When it comes to an apartment complex, it is important to keep the outside clean as much as the inside. When an apartment complex needs the outside of the building, parking areas, garage zones and other exterior…

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Will a Pressure Washer Deep Clean to Remove Ingrained Dirt & Stains in Porous Concrete in Jackson, GA?

We use concrete everywhere. We use it as sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches and so much more. Concrete can be found in both commercial and residential properties. Concrete is very sturdy and it will last a long time. However, concrete can develop certain problems, including stains. Concrete can be stained by oil, grease, tire tread, moss…

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