What is a Roof Soft Wash in Covington, GA & Why is Soft Pressure Washing Roofs Such a Good Idea?

Due to Georgia’s climate, cleaning the roof is not just for aesthetics. It should also be a priority. Roof tops in Georgia don’t just have rain or bird problems. Our roofs can develop algae, moss and lichens. Without proper roof cleaning, the life expectancy of the roof will greatly decrease. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will…

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Power Washing to Restore a Weathered Wood Deck & Make it Look Like New Again in Jackson, GA

With the delightful weather fast approaching, outdoor activities will become quite popular. Enjoying the sun’s rays, nice temperatures and fresh air, hosting meals, gatherings, or simply watching the children play, your deck will become a frequently used hangout space. However, during the cooler months, your deck most likely took some additional abuse, along with current…

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