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What Can Be Pressure Cleaned in Jackson, GA? Exterior Concrete, Wood, Brick & More

Pressure cleaning is an effective and efficient way to clean many different types of surfaces. However, not all surfaces can be pressure cleaned using the same amount of pressure and technique. Different types of surfaces will require different pressure settings, nozzle sizes, and cleaning techniques to avoid damage and achieving the best possible result. Today,…

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Benefits of Sandblasting in Bonanza, GA? Clean Surfaces for Painting, Get Rid of Rust & More

If you aren’t familiar with the process of sandblasting, it is done using particles of sand at a high pressure as a way of cleaning several different surfaces. The most common materials that make up these sand particles are walnut shells, pumice and glass. There are several different applications for sandblasting and all of them…

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Is Dry Sandblasting Better than Wet in Irondale, GA? What is the Difference when Cleaning?

As many people well know, pressure cleaning is a fast and effective way to clean and prepare many different exterior surfaces. However, not too many people know about pressure cleaning’s cousin, “sandblasting”. Sandblasting is another form of surfacing clean and preparation. There are two forms of sandblasting, wet and dry. Today, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning…

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