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Old Chewing Gum Stain Removal from Concrete Sidewalks in Covington, GA; Pressure Washing Equipment & More

Have you ever looked down while walking along the sidewalk, only to see hundreds or even thousands of black stains? Those roundish black stains on the concrete are more often than not, gum. Chewing gum stains or spots can create a negative reflection on the property and its upkeep. When the property needs to be…

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Top Uses for Pressure Washer in Jackson, GA; Exterior Cleaning of Wooden Fence, Deck, Roof, Patio & More

When it comes to pressure cleaning services, it is the solution for many elements of your home and business. With the many applications, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to discuss the top common uses today. Exterior Cleaning of Commercial Properties Power washing is the most efficient solution for cleaning the exterior of…

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Advantages of Cleaning & Disinfecting Exterior Warehouses & Other Commercial Buildings in Irondale, GA

Things will eventually resume as normal for most businesses and warehouses while the COVID-19 health crisis has temporarily shut down or limited operations. Maintaining a clean and sanitized building inside and out is essential, in a health crisis or not. A key solution for industries including stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, hospitals and other…

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