Advantages of Cleaning & Disinfecting Exterior Warehouses & Other Commercial Buildings in Irondale, GA

Things will eventually resume as normal for most businesses and warehouses while the COVID-19 health crisis has temporarily shut down or limited operations. Maintaining a clean and sanitized building inside and out is essential, in a health crisis or not. A key solution for industries including stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, hospitals and other essential business institutions seeking to restore or maintain a hygienic setting for patrons and staff is from professional pressure washing services. To help commercial buildings maintain a clean, safe and compliant facility throughout the health crisis and beyond, an experienced pressure washing company has the right equipment and solutions. Today, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to discuss the benefits of sanitizing warehouses and commercial buildings.

Does Pressure Washing Kill Germs?

If desired, pressure washing services can help eliminate and reduce an array of contaminants via utilizing the power of high-pressured hot water and specialized chemicals. To employ steaming mode temps that exceed levels of 100˚C, high boiler efficiency equipment allows professionals this opportunity. According to research and reports, COVID-19 can become inactive after exposure of heat levels of 56°C for 30 minutes. Therefore, to eradicate numerous bacteria, germs and viruses such as coronavirus, high-heat power washing is widely recognized for having this ability.

Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

To maintain a sanitized and well-kept facility, though there is no reason to wait for a global or local outbreak to occur. Below are a few some benefits that routine pressure washing services businesses and their guests.
Manage Structural Integrity and Value – To help a property and present structures hold their value, it is no secret that curb appeal is vital to attracting buyers and maintaining curb appeal. When considering a purchase, renters and buyers along with clients and staff will be judging this, though a pressure washing company can help owners retain current values and potentially propel them in the future.
Optimize Aesthetics – A good cleaning presents a tidy appearance that makes your biz more appealing to clients and staff. This can be achieved by having a pressure washing company visit to give your building and surrounding exterior surfaces. Even if you operate a fundamental warehouse not designed for routine visitors, a clean facade should lead to a clean interior. If your facility is clean inside and out, morale amid workers inside improves along with productivity.
Protect Health – You will experience less mildew and mold build up along with fewer germs in addition to ridding your structure of grime and dirt. While amid your buildings, this keeps staff, tenants and patrons safe and healthy.

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For both residential and commercial services, the experts of Big Moose Pressure Cleaning are readily available with our power washing services. When you rely on experts for your exterior cleaning, you can rest assured that the exterior is clean, stains are removed, and surfaces are disinfected. For all of your pressure cleaning services in Georgia, call in the experts of Big Moose Pressure Washing and let our qualified specialists assist you.

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