Barnesville Pressure Washing Myths

Pressure washers are great tools that can be used to remove loose paint, mold, grime, mud, dust and dirt from buildings, concrete surfaces and even vehicles. Pressure washers make difficult jobs become quite effortless due to the amount of pressure and the strength that it provides. As great as pressure washing is, there are some important facts that every consumer should be aware of before taking the pressure washing into their own hands.

Power Washing Safety and Risks

There are many people who believe that pressure cleaning is completely safe and has zero risk because it just uses water, which is totally safe in every way. Pressure cleaning does primarily depend on water and the amount of pressure it exudes, however this does not mean that it is a totally safe procedure. If a pressure cleaner is using too much water pressure, it will remove toxins, dirt and grime and send them directly down your drain, which can cause future problems for you. In addition, water pressure cleaners can destroy pool decks, furniture or walls if the pressure settings are not used in a professional manner. The high amount of water pressure used in the pressure cleaner can easily rip the surface off of any object.

Pressure Washer Suitability

Many consumers believe that a water pressure cleaner is suitable for any job. Although the pressure cleaner is a great source of thorough cleaning, it is important to remember that certain amounts of pressure can destroy a surface. Each surface has a suitable pressure setting. When cleaning siding it is necessary to have the pressure cleaner set to a low amount of pressure so the water will not go behind the siding, seeping into cracks and allowing the chance of mold and mildew to begin to grow. High pressure setting will also strip paint right of the siding.

Do it Yourself Pressure Cleaning Folly

The most common mistake people make when it comes to pressure cleaning is having too much confidence and not enough knowledge in using their newly purchased pressure cleaner. It will only take less than one minute of incorrect use with a pressure cleaner to destroy your wall, siding, flooring or other surfaces. Saving money by purchasing your own pressure cleaner rather than hiring a professional pressure cleaner company may seem like a smart idea. However, if used improperly, the cost of repairs to fix the damage you have caused by using way too much pressure will be much more than what you saved by avoiding hiring a professional.

Professional Pressure Washing

Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is a professional pressure cleaning company that is skilled and experienced in using pressure cleaners, knowing the exact setting that is appropriate for each specific job and surface. Contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today for excellent pressure cleaning service.

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