Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Wood Deck in Locust Grove, GA; Remove Mold, Algae & More

With spring approaching it is time to start cleaning up our yard and decks. The best method of getting your deck clean and shiny is with pressuring cleaning. Pressure cleaning is a great way to clean decks. The pressure removes all of the dirt and gunk out of the grain and grooves in the wood. Cleaning the deck isn’t just to help make it look nice but it also helps to extend the life of the wood. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share the many benefits and ways pressure cleaning can help your home’s deck.

Remove Bacteria, Mold & Algae from Deck

When spring comes and winter thaws away your deck was subject to a number of elements that can be slowly destroying the wood. As leaves and plant matter decay, bacteria, mold and algae can form. Mold spores, algae, and bacteria can form deep in the grain of the wood which leads to wood rot and decay. Even after wood has been stained and sealed these microorganisms can still make their way deep into the wood. When you have a deck that has been left to the elements you will want to make sure the wood and other decking materials are clean and treated. It is necessary to kill any microorganisms that may be living within the wood. When pressure cleaning a deck the force from the pressure washer penetrates deep into the wood. The cleaning solution will kill any living organisms, which helps save the wood.

Cleaning a Wood Deck

When you need to refinish a deck, often the first step is to clean the wood. Pressure cleaning can help clean the wood and even remove old paint if needed. A higher level of pressure can be used to strip the wood of all paint which expedites the refinishing process and makes sanding and repainting the deck a breeze. Pressure cleaning a deck can help revive the deck as it removes much of the dirt and mud that makes the deck look weathered. Pressure cleaning not only deeply cleans the deck and revives it, which helps extend the life of the deck, it can also save time. As stated, pressure cleaning penetrates deep in the wood grain, which removes the need for scrubbing the deck with soap and a brush which most homeowners will do. Many will scrub the deck by hand which can take up an entire weekend. Cleaning a deck is time consuming and is a lot of hard work. When pressure cleaning a deck no scrubbing is needed and only takes a few hours depending on the size of the deck to finish. Once the deck is dry you’re ready to begin enjoying the spring season from your deck.

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There are many benefits of pressuring cleaning your deck and even more when you use a professional service. When using a professional service, we have all of the equipment, cleaning solutions, and experience to ensure your deck gets cleaned properly. If you need your deck clean and want quality service, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning. We provide commercial and residential cleaning service and can clean your deck and anywhere else around your home. Contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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