Can You Pressure Wash a Natural Stone Patio in East Griffin, GA? Why Power Washing is a Good Idea & More

Stone is a great way to improve your home’s aesthetics. You will have a durable material that will last and is easy to maintain. Stone brings a natural and beautiful element to your home as long as you keep it clean. Due to our climate here in Georgia, keeping stone clean can be a great challenge. To keep your stone clean and looking beautiful, you will want to have your stone pressure cleaned. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share the benefits of pressure cleaning, how often your stone should be cleaned, and why you should seek out a professional pressure cleaning service.

Why Pressure Washing Natural Stone is Good

There are many benefits of pressure cleaning. One of the first and major benefits is how pressure cleaning can keep stone looking clean and beautiful. Pressure cleaning the stone keeps dirt, moss, and other substances off of your stone. The stone will always be clean and looking its best with regular pressure cleaning. Another benefit of pressure cleaning is that it is both fast and effective. Along with being fast and effective, often no chemical cleaners are needed. The power or force from the pressure cleaning machine is all that is needed to do a deep and thorough cleaning. Pressure cleaning is environmentally friendly, fast and ensures a quality cleaning.

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Natural Stone?

Stone doesn’t need a lot of cleaning or maintenance. In most cases, stone only needs to be cleaned once a year. The best time to clean stone is in the spring or summer to prevent moisture build up. However, stone is very durable and can be cleaned any time during the year. In some cases you may need to have your stone cleaned twice a year. If the stone is impacted due to its locations and exposure to certain elements, it will benefit from more cleanings. If your stone builds up lichens, moss, or algae quickly, then be sure to keep these substances off your stone. It is recommended to have your stone pressured cleaned once a year or more if needed.

Why Hire a Professional Pressure Cleaner?

Pressure cleaning may seem like a simple task. However, there is more to pressure cleaning than waving a wand back and forth. It is important to know the pressure washer setting, make sure you are using the right nozzle and to use proper techniques for the surface that is being cleaned. Stone may seem like a strong material but a pressure cleaning machine can produce enough force to cut into the stone. Water with enough pressure behind it can cut through stone and even metal. The wrong setting can damage the stone’s surface. Most stone used for residential purposes are cut rather thin and can break easily. To ensure your stone isn’t damaged and receives a quality cleaning, it is highly recommended that you seek a professional pressure cleaning service.

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