Pressure Washing Prevents Clogged, Overflowing Gutters that Cause Property Damage in Fayetteville, GA

The gutters that are on your home are the system that drains the water that otherwise would build up on and around your home. This system is made up of open face tubes that are usually some sort of metal. They are attached around the outside of the top level of the house and make their way to a downspout that will drain the water to a safe, predetermined place. This is usually next to an area that has the ability to absorb the water. The gutters clog because they can collect things other than water. They usually get dirt, leaves and other solid debris in them. When the water mixes with these solids, it turns to mud and can start to restrict the flow of water. Right now is a great time to call Big Moose Pressure Cleaning for expert gutter and downspout cleaning to get your gutters ready for fall!

Clogged Gutters & Downspouts

What happens when they are backed up: When the gutters get debris such as dirt and leaves in them, they will stop letting the water flow past. They work on a leveling system so that all the water goes one way and drains out. When there is an area that is backed up the water will spill over the edge. This means the water is running off in an area that could be damaging your property. It could be over a window that over time will cause damage when the water and sediment drip down it. It could also be draining over a walkway that can become slippery and wet, leading to a trip and fall hazard. When extra debris is in your gutters, it can also cause damage to the gutters themselves and cause them to break apart. Then you will need to have pieces if not the entire gutter system replaced.

Cleaning Gutters with a Pressure Washer

Why pressure washing? If you have ever tried to clean out your gutters by yourself then you know that it is a major project. Usually you need a tall ladder that can reach the roof and you have to go a few feet at a time. This can take most of the day to get it cleaned out. It is also hard to remove all the debris especially the dirt and mud. When you have a professional pressure washer clean it they can more effectively take care of all the debris and mud in a shorter amount of time. This leaves your gutters ready for the next big rain.

Professional Gutter & Downspout Cleaning, Power Washing & More in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove, Griffin, Stockbridge & Social Circle, Georgia

If you are ready to have your gutters cleaned, or have any other pressure washing needs, call Big Moose Pressure Cleaning for an appointment today.

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