Cold VS Hot Water Pressure Washing in Forest Park, GA; Exterior Surfaces Best Suited to Cleaning Methods & More

If you are thinking about getting any area of your home or commercial building pressure washed then you may want to know about the two main types of pressure washing. There are many things that can be cleaned with a pressure washer and if they are cleaned any other way you will come to find out they just never get as clean. If you are just not sure about what types of exterior surfaces can be cleaned with a pressure washer, the list is pretty endless.

Surfaces that Can Be Pressure Washed

You can pressure wash the exterior of your building whether it is wood, siding or painted. You can also have your walkways and entry washed which will get rid of dirt, debris and unwanted pests. If you have a patio or deck at your house then you know how dirty they can get throughout the year so a regular treatment with a pressure washer is a great way to not only clean the area but to keep it lasting longer than if it was left unmaintained. If you have had a problem with graffiti or oil and grease stains you will know that removing them seems pretty impossible. It can be done with a good and professional pressure washer. You may also want to have your pool deck pressure washed and cleaned before covering it for the winter or right before the swimming season begins. Big Moose Pressure Washing offers both cold and hot pressure washing suited to different applications.

Cold Water Pressure Washer

Cold water pressure washing is a great way to pressure wash for lots of jobs. A cold pressure washer is ran through the same kind of machine that a hot pressure washer is but as the name suggests it uses cold water not hot. The pressure is the same with each kind but there are jobs that are better suited to cold water as opposed to hot. If you want to wash a dirty car or you have a walkway that has lots of dirt and cobwebs then you can use a cold water pressure washer for the job. The cold water is a great way to remove areas that have dirt buildup. This could be siding on your home that may have some dirt from the weather like rain and wind.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washing is a great way to pressure wash jobs that may be a little harder to handle. These might be jobs that have grease and oil on places like a driveway or the parking lot of your business. These areas are known to have lots of grease stains that need some heat in order to penetrate the stain and remove it. This type of pressure washer runs the same pressure through the machine but heats the water before it comes out of the nozzle.

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