Commercial Power Washing of Exterior Buildings & Parking Lots in Stockbridge, GA

Commercial property is exposed to various elements, contaminants and even a variety of pests. Due to this wide range of exposure, commercial buildings and properties require cleaning more often. For the longevity of the property and businesses, it is important to have a clean and orderly appearance. The most efficient way of maintaining buildings and the surrounding property, is with pressure cleaning services. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will break down some of the essential parts of a commercial property and why they need to be cleaned more often than one might think.

Areas to Clean Around Office Buildings & Commercial Properties

Parking Lots – The parting lot is exposed to all manner of outdoor elements. Needless to say, it gets dirty and it gets dirty quickly. It is also essential for the parking area to be kept clean sp that all parking and directional makers are easily seen for customer and visitors. Additionally, it says a lot about the property when the parking area is clean and free of discarded food, pests and their droppings.
Garbage Dumpster Pad and Areas – Another major area on commercial property is the garbage disposal areas or pads. Birds and other pests are often drawn to garbage areas, especially those who serve food, such as restaurants. These buildings may have a lot of discarded food. Due to the nature of garbage it is easy to understand that these areas will need to be cleaned fairly often.
Commercial Buildings – Commercial properties have many types of businesses and styles of buildings. Of course they often require cleaning from dirt, pests, exposure, and even graffiti. As states, these large building need to be cleaned often. Starting with the roof, roofs will have a number of leaves and debris and even bird feces on the top. If birds make their nest or roost near the building’s HVAC system, there is a possibility of the air being contaminated and that will pass through the HVAC systems. This is why it is important to make sure that the roof tops are kept clean and free of debris and bird nests and fecal matter. It also improve the general care of the roof by keep it clean and free of debris. Along with clean the roof the building’s side and windows can be pressured cleaned. Pressure washing the sides of a commercial building can help remove months worth of dust and dirt within seconds, pressure washing is also great for removing graffiti that those pesky taggers will leave on the side of some commercial buildings.
Lights & Street Lamps – Birds will often land on street lamps or light fixtures in parking lots and around commercial buildings. These exterior lights are also exposed to the outdoor elements. Dirt can mask much of the light. Pressure washing can even help clean and remove all the dirt and bird poop off of the light fixtures on the property. This helps improve the property’s appearance and enhance the light during night time hours.

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There are many types of commercial properties and each will require their own unique cleaning needs. Pressure washing can tackle any cleaning task with ease. If you need your commercial property and buildings cleaned, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today!

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