Differences of Hot and Cold Pressure Washing to Clean your Locust Grove GA Home or Business

If you have never had anything around your home or business power washed by a professional pressure washer then you are missing out. A pressure washer can come to your location and take care of any dirty siding, decks, patios or parking lots to name a few. The things that can be cleaned with a pressure washer are endless and the benefits are endless as well. You can have any type of dirt and debris washed away, as well as oil and grease that may be built up from cars and trucks. You can also use pressure washing to remove unwanted pests and the nests or webs that they build to live in.

Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has prepared an outline of the two main types of pressure washing.

Cold Pressure Washing: There are lots of jobs that using a cold pressure washing technique is really good for. The pressure washer is a machine that uses water and runs it through a tube that then pressurizes the water and sends it out through a hose or nozzle that can be used and maneuvered by the technician. As you might assume, the water in a cold pressure washer comes out of the nozzle cold and can be used for lots of cleaning. One of the best things to clean with this technique is siding that just needs to have dirt or light debris removed. You can also use this type of pressure washing to wash a roof where you are worried about damaging the roof tiles. Other suitable projects include pressure washing a car or even a walkway that has some dirt, debris or cobwebs that may be along the path. If you have a harder job to do then you are going to want to use the other option; hot water pressure washing.

Hot Pressure Washing: This type of pressure washing is good for all other jobs that you may need to have done. This technique uses the same type of machine that processes the water and sends it through the tubing that then sends it to a nozzle to be used by the technician. The water before it is sent out to the nozzle is heated by a heating coil that is one extra part to this process. After the water is heated, it can be used for more difficult jobs that may contain grease or oil. It can also be used when treating graffiti or vandalism on your building. Parking lots and driveways will need to use this type of cleaning to make sure that the heated water breaks through the grease and oil and remove it from the area.

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