Different Types Of Trigger Guns & Kits For Your Pressure Washer in Locust Grove, GA; Rear Entry, High, Soft Wash & More

A pressure washer is a great piece of equipment that is used to do some major exterior cleaning. The pressure washer can clean many types of surfaces. It can clean decks, patios, housing exterior, cement, walkways and even your roof. These are all areas that can be cleaned but there are different settings and attachments that are used to accomplish the task. That is why it is important to use a professional company to do your pressure washing. If you use the wrong tools and attachments you could actually cause damage to your home and property. The trigger gun is the attachment that determines the flow and the cleaning product if any that is used for pressure washing.

Big Moose Pressure Washing Lists Trigger Gun Options That May Be Used When Pressure Washing Your Home & Property

Why Does The Trigger Gun Matter: It may seem like no big deal when using a trigger gun for your pressure washer but it can make or break your project. The trigger gun is what will determine the amount of water that is coming out and how large the stream is. It is also about comfort and how it works; and also whether you should use cleaners with that particular trigger gun.
Rear Entry Pressure Washer Trigger Gun: This type of gun is used most commonly and is a great option for many kinds of cleaning projects. It works just like the name suggests. The water enters the gun through a small hole that is at the base of the gun. There is a ball that is holding in place until the spring pulls it out of the way. This is how the water is allowed to get through the gun. There are also rubber rings that are used to help keep the seal tight between the ball and the tube that the water runs through. The use of the gun will start to wear out the rings that will need to be replaced or the trigger gun replaced all together.
Soft Wash Trigger Gun: When you are looking to clean with soft pressure you want to use a completely different trigger gun. A soft wash trigger gun is a great choice that is good when you need to do soft pressure washing such as when you clean the roof. The gun has the option to pull the trigger to open the water and use a latch to hold it open. The low pressure can be used more steadily and that is why this addition makes the gun a great option for soft washing.
High Pressure Washer with Cleaners: If you are going to do a job that needs to have some cleaners in it you want to use a different trigger gun. The difference between this and other trigger guns is that the parts inside are made from stainless steel. The chemicals that are used for that particular type of cleaning can cause damage to a gun that doesn’t have stainless steel parts.

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