DIY Power Washing Mistakes to Avoid in Woolsey, GA; Too Much Pressure Causes Damage & More

When it comes to maintaining a clean home and yard, pressure washing goes a long way. Cleaning the exterior areas of your home such as the roof, siding, deck, driveways and more, comes easy with a pressure washer. Due to the diversity and efficiency of pressure washing, many homeowners will invest in their own pressure washer. For those who have never used a pressure washer, they may not know of the danger they can pose. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share the most common pressure washing mistakes done by DIY pressure cleaning.

Too Much Pressure when Power Washing Can Cause Damage

When people think of pressure cleaning it is understood that high water pressure is used to clean various surfaces. However, all too often too much pressure is used. One of the most common mistakes done by DIY pressure cleaning is the use of too much pressure which causes surface damage. Depending on the material and its condition will determine how much pressure should be used. Too much pressure can result in major damage and costly repairs. Before you ever do your own pressure washing make sure to do your homework and learn the various pressure settings as well as water flow settings. Learn how much pressure is needed for the surface material you will be cleaning.

Using Proper Cleaner in a Pressure Washer

Water is always used during pressure washing along with a cleaning solution. The cleaning solutions used vary from surface to surface and the stains or contaminates that need to be removed. Often DIY washers will only use water or the improper solution. You will see a professional pressure washer using straight water to presoak the surrounding vegetation. Some chemicals in the solution can kill plants. By presoaking the area with water it will prevent the plants from absorbing the chemicals. Additionally a professional pressure washer will always rinse the area with clean water to remove the cleaning solution and prevent long term damage. When doing your own pressuring washing, make sure to read carefully the cleaning solution directions and what surfaces and forms of contaminates it targets.

Proper Cleaning Order when Pressure Washing

When cleaning the exterior of a home there is a cleaning order that often gets missed. Most new DIY pressure cleaners never really consider a cleaning order and get straight to work. When the home exterior is cleaned out of order you will find you will work twice and waste water as well as your cleaning solution. When cleaning a house start with the roof if needed, and then begin washing the side walls of the home followed by the windows. By following this order you will save time, effort, and money.

Wrong Pressure Cleaning Equipment

There are different types of pressure washers and even more types of nozzles tips. Knowing what each nozzle tip does is essential during any pressure washing. Each nozzle tip varies on angles, width and power. When pressure cleaning it is important to know which nozzle should be used and the ones that shouldn’t be used for each type of surface and its materiel.

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If you decide to do your own pressure washing, make sure to avoid these common mistakes. Make sure you do your homework before you begin using a pressure washer. For professional pressure washing services, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today!

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