Does Power Washing Damage Plants in Fayetteville, GA? How to Clean Siding etc Without Killing Them

Pressure is an efficient method for cleaning around your home. Pressure washing is frequently used for cleaning roofs, exterior walls, decks, fences, pools, driveways and paver stone paths. What many people don’t consider when cleaning with a pressure washer is the surrounding vegetation. Trees, grass and other plants around your home can be damaged if not killed during pressure washing and most people don’t even realize it. This is why Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share how you can protect your plants from a pressure cleaning.

Water Down the Plants

To help protect the plants you will want to wet them down before you begin any pressure cleaning. Especially plants that are directly in contact with the pressure cleaning site, you will want to walk around and soak them completely down with straight water. Soaking all of the plants can help prevent chemical burn from the cleaners used during a pressure cleaning. Depending on what is being cleaned, and what contaminates need to be treated, some of the chemicals used can damage surrounding vegetation.

Use Plant Covers

For smaller or young shrubs, trees or bushes, consider covering them with a tarp. The water proof exterior can help protect more sensitive plants from over watering damage or exposure to cleaning chemicals. Never leave the plants covered for long periods of time. Tarps can create and hold in heat which can kill the plants too. However, tarps are an effective way to help protect your surrounding plants from damage during a pressure cleaning.

Water Collection Techniques

Homes with a sound gutter system will capture most of the water used during a roof cleaning. If you are having your home’s roof cleaned, you will want to prevent the chemicals from the pressure cleaning dispersing on to your yard. You can collect the water as it flows through the gutter system. Use a bucket to capture the water and pour it away from your home.

Plan for Good Weather

When pressure cleaning it makes sense to plan for a clear day to improve drying time and that you’re not trying to work in the rain. Additionally, you want a clear forecast for the next couple of days. Why? The chemicals used during the pressure cleaning may leave some residue on the surface. You want to allow a few days for the area to dry to prevent chemicals from running off the surface and onto your plants. The chemicals will naturally disperse over time. However, chemicals can still affect your plants shortly after cleaning.

Use a Professional Pressure Cleaning Service

It always pays to use a professional pressure cleaning service. Not just for quality of work but the additional training and experience. Professional pressure cleaners are trained in safety along with preventing additional damage to the cleaning sites which includes plant life.

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If you need any pressure cleaning services and want to ensure the survival of your plants while receiving quality service, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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