Exterior Cleaning FAQ in Griffin, GA; Can I Make Power Washing Easier, Are Detergents Safe & More

Outdoor surfaces can benefit from pressure washing services. Commercial and residential property owners can take advantage of these services to effectively remove the compacted dirt, dust, mud, oil, grease, mildew, mold, layers of pollution, stains, and grime from various surfaces such as store fronts, dumpster pads, roofs, siding, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, decks, walls, and so on. From concrete and stone to vinyl and wood, pressure washing performed properly by a trained expert can get these surfaces clean and sanitized. Despite the demand of this service, many people still have their questions. At this time, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning have comprised a few of the most common frequently asked questions and left answers to help our valued customers better understand pressure washing services.

Power Washing FAQ

Q: How Can I Make Pressure Washing Easier?
A: Any parked vehicles and movable obstacles should be removed from the area that is being serviced to enhance safety and efficiency.
Q: Can Old Graffiti be Removed?
A: Though fresh graffiti can be treated quicker and easier; the older graffiti typically needs to be evaluated where the technician can better determine the end results.
Q: Are the Detergents & Cleaners Used in Power Washing Safe?
A: Big Moose Pressure Cleaning utilizes eco-friendly products that are tough on filth and stains, safe for everything else.
Q: For Proper Maintenance, How Often Should Pressure Cleaning be Scheduled?
A: Depending on some variety variables ultimately dictates the frequency your surfaces should be pressure cleaned including such as examples as general weather conditions, climate, foot traffic, mildew, mold and bacteria growth rate, in addition to the general exposure to dirt and dust of your area. Generally, commercial properties should get a pressure cleaning every 6 months and residential properties every 12 months to maintain a clean healthy look.
Q: Is the Safety Process of Pressure Washing Important?
A: With state-of-the-art equipment and quality detergents a trained and experienced technician can safely ensure the surfaces are cleaned without damage. However, the DIY equipment in the hands of inexperienced wielder could potentially cause irreparable damage.
Q: Can I Effectively Pressure Wash Myself?
A: DIY equipment is available for purchase or rent, however, professional products and equipment that is exclusive for licensed professionals can not compare to the quality of the results. Additionally, different surface materials require specific pressure and temperature settings with the correct application of technique is important to avoid damage but achieve an effective clean. Professional services are recommended.
Q: Is Pressure Cleaning Really Necessary?
A: The pressure cleaning service has many advantages and is the most effective and simple methods to getting the buildup of the elements and pollution off the surfaces that make your exterior look dull, drab, and filthy. There is a night and day difference and ensuring the exterior is cleaned can reduce the allergens and contagions in addition to the filthy particulates from getting tracked into your home or business.
Q: Can a Pressure Washer Remove Mold & Mildew?
A: In most cases, professional pressure cleaning can remove the mildew, mold, and other microbe growth on the surface, however, long-term exposure of these origins can leave the surface damaged which will still need to be replaced.
Q: Can a Pressure Washer Remove Rust Stains from Concrete?
A: For the most part, rust stains can be removed or at the very least, faded out considerably. If you are investing in a pressure cleaning specifically to remove the rust stains, have a professional assess the depth of the stains and they can discuss the potential outcome.

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