Exterior Fayetteville Fall Maintenance Tips

Now that fall is upon us, it is time to prepare your home or business for the cooler weather. The following tips will ensure that your the exterior of your buildings are ready for the changing seasons!

1. Roof – Fix any loose, missing or broken shingles on your roof and check the flashing around your chimney and vents. Leaks during upcoming winter storms can be very costly and checking and repairing your roof and flashing now can help prevent these future leaks.

2. Rain gutters – When your rain gutters are dirty and clogged, rain can over-flow which can potential damage the foundation of your home. Check to make sure your drainage system directs water away from the foundation. And Big Moose can do your Gutter Cleaning for you so you don’t have to!

3. Windows and Doors – Check around all of your windows and doors for any drafts. If necessary, replace the weather stripping and caulk. You may also consider additional curtains and draperies around the insides of windows to prevent the cold air from getting in.

4. Mulch Leaves – Instead of raking leaves, use a mulch blade on your mower without the bag, to chop the dry leaves into small pieces, which will then fall among the blades of grass, feeding your lawn as the leaves decompose.

5. Outdoor extension cords – Fall is a great time to check outdoor extension cords for potentially dangerous nicks or frayed spots. Store unused extension cords inside.

Big Moose Pressure Cleaning hopes the above tips are helpful as you enjoy the upcoming fall and winter months and holidays!

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