FAQ – Residential & Commercial Pressure / Power Washing Services in Fayette County GA

Pressure washing is a highly beneficial service for residential and commercial properties. With skilled and trained technicians, nearly any surface can be pressure cleaned to remove dirt, debris and most stains. Each surface has to be properly calibrated between equipment settings and appropriate detergents used. Having your surface professional cleaned and sanitized only enhances your home or business and cuts down on dirt and bacteria in the surrounding area. Having a clean exterior is just as important to having a cleaned interior, and pressure cleaning makes for the perfect solution in a beautifully cleaned exterior.

Big Moose Pressure Cleaning have rounded up a number of questions regarding pressure washing and prepared the following answers.

Q: How often should pressure washing be scheduled?
A: This highly depends on the situation. Variables such as typical weather conditions, climate, foot traffic as well as mildew, dirt and bacteria growth affect how often pressure washing is required. Businesses should be cleaned considerably more while residential properties should be cleaned once a year and more if necessary.
Q: Does pressure cause surface damage?
A: No. A skilled professional from Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has all the training and experience needed to clean any surface. Proper chemical detergents are used in conjunction with the appropriate settings on top of the line equipment.
Q: Why should a professional be used instead of DIY with rental machines?
A: The unexperienced individual could cause damage to the surfaces without using appropriate settings and proper detergents. A professional can make quick work of any area that needs cleaning, as opposed to the person attempting without proper training and experience.
Q: Can pressure remove mildew?
A: In most cases a professional can remove top layer mildew. In rare cases the mildew and moisture has done too much damage and replacing the siding etc. is the better option.
Q: Will rust stains be removed?
A: Not all rust stains are removable, but they will at least be lighter. It is best when having a consultation to specifically mention any rust stains you want removed.
Q: How should I prepare for my cleaning?
A: Having vehicles out of the way, and any movable objects clear of the area is optimal for maximum cleaning.
Q: Is it important to remove graffiti as soon as possible?
A: The sooner we can get detain the problem, the easier and better the removal process is.
Q: Are chemicals used safe?
A: The detergents used in pressure cleaning are environmental friendly.
Q: Why is pressure cleaning so important for residential and commercial properties?
A: Pressure washing has more importance and use today than ever before. As pollutants from industry as well as population with foot traffic carrying dirt and bacteria, allergy contributions and climate moisture producing mildew and mold all contribute to a dirty exterior, Pressure washing is the most effective way in neutralizing the daily dirt and grime troubles. Pressure cleaning prevents damage, enhances property value, and make business properties look their best and attract customers.

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We know there are other questions that could be running through your mind that weren’t answered today. If you didn’t see your question here, don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has a variety of services, and would love to service any of your pressure cleaning needs.

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