History of the Pressure Washing Business; Water Trigger Valves & Other Exterior Cleaning Advancements in Porterdale, GA

Pressure washing is a popular method to clean house siding, concrete, automobiles and other objects without using harsh chemicals. Pressure washing is extremely effective and can produce results that no other cleaning method can. Pressure washing has actually been around a lot longer than you may have thought. Pressure washing began in the late 1970’s and has come a long way as far as effectiveness goes. In the early days of pressure washing, the pressure cleaner did not offer anywhere close to the power that it does today. However, it was an effective cleaning tool compared to the older steam cleaners that were being used at the time.

Pressure Washer Water Trigger Valves

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that pressure washers began to have trigger guns. Before that, you would have to be sure you were holding the pressure washer hose extremely tight or it would be like trying to wrestle an angry snake once you turned it on. Controlling the older version of the pressure washer was very difficult and this made it almost impossible to clean specific areas without wavering in direction. This also made the pressure washer a huge safety risk and dangerous to use for consumers who had little to no experience with a pressure washer.

Pressure Cleaner Captive Acceleration Tube

By the mid nineties trigger control became a requirement for all pressure washers, making them much safer to use than before. In nineteen eighty six a company called Cat Pumps delivered a very unique accessory to their line of pressure washers to help minimize problems with pressure fluctuations. They installed a captive acceleration tube that would stabilize pressure fluctuations caused by long feed lines. This accessory made pressure washers even easier to use and more reliable as the amount of pressure that was being created was consistent and stable. Pressure washing was becoming easier and more efficient, peaking the curiosity of many consumers and making the pressure washer a more common tool to have in the garage.

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Today there are a countless number of accessories available to use with pressure washers, from hundreds of different tips to choose from, gas powered motors, strength options and so on. Pressure washing continues to be extremely effective and a great investment for those who have experience in using the machine properly. While pressure washers do a great job cleaning off hard to reach areas of your home, taking oil off your driveway and cleaning your vehicles, they still demand a certain level of respect when using. If you are inexperienced with pressure washing, it is best that you hire a professional pressure washing company to take care of your pressure washing needs. Contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today for experienced pressure washers and excellent customer service.

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