How Do You Clean Exterior Brick Without Damaging in Peachtree City, GA? Is it OK to High Pressure Wash Bricks?

There is a reason that many people choose brick for their home. Not only is it durable, but it is a beautiful, classic look as well. Brick is one of those materials that seems to only look better, not worse, as it ages. However, when brick is out in the elements, it can start to lose that timeless look as grime and debris start to accumulate on its porous surface. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about the safest ways to clean brick so you can preserve this timeless look.

How Do You Clean Bricks without Damaging Them?

Not all cleaning solutions are safe for your brick surface. This may come as a surprise since brick seems to be nearly indestructible. You should always avoid using Muriatic Acid to clean your brick surfaces. This will completely dissolve the outer material that make up your brick. You will quickly find pitting and cracking that will break down your bricks. This process is called delamination. A mixture of water and vinegar is often the safest way to clean your brick surface if you decide to clean it on your own.

Can You Clean Bricks with a Wire Brush?

There are several tools out there that claim to be a good way to clean your bricks. Tools like wire brushes or cleaning discs on power tools all claim that they are a great way to remove years of grime and buildup on brick. What is not mentioned is the fact that these tools can end up wrecking your brick in the process. They don’t only strip paint off surfaces, they cause irreparable damage to the brick’s surface.

Is it OK to High Pressure Wash Brick?

Pressure washers are a valuable cleaning tool when you have been trained in using them properly. They can be dangerous when you don’t know what you’re doing. In this instance, you shouldn’t be using a high powered pressure washer to clean bricks because of the damage that can be done during the cleaning process. You need to be careful of the psi that you are cleaning with as it can cause damage to the surface; even a surface as tough as brick can be damaged by pressure washing. What can make this even trickier is that you may not realize you have damaged the brick right away. You simply weakened it and will notice that it starts to crumble within a couple years of washing it.

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If you have brick on your home or in your yard, it is best that you don’t attempt to clean it on your own. Brick is such a beautiful material; you don’t want to cause damage to it because you weren’t cleaning it properly. At Big Moose Pressure Cleaning, we have extensive training and experience in cleaning brick and pavers. We know exactly how to clean them without causing any damage to their surface. Call us today!

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