How Often Should You Pressure Wash a Commercial Building in Peachtree City, GA?

Commercial buildings often need their exterior cleaned. When a commercial building needs its roof, walls, and even the walkway and parking lots cleaned, the best method is with pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning can reach and clean just about any exterior surface on a commercial property. Often there are a lot of questions concerning pressure cleaning when it comes to a commercial property and buildings. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to answer some of these common questions that are asked about commercial pressure cleaning services.

How Long Does a Commercial Pressure Wash Take?

One of the most common questions asked when cleaning a commercial building is how long it will take. To properly schedule a pressure cleaning, the owner often needs to know how long pressure cleaning takes to complete. Depending on the size of the building or property, how long it will take to pressure clean will vary. Pressure cleaning a commercial building and property can take a few hours to a few days. It will depend on the size of the building and if the roof and walls need to be cleaned as well. Often when a commercial building is being cleaned, other surfaces on the property are cleaned at the same time. If the property is having its sidewalks, parking lot, and other areas pressured cleaned, it will take more time. When determining how long a pressure cleaning will take, on average it takes about one hour for every 4000 square feet. For a more accurate time line of your pressure cleaning, the service can calculate the work load and figure out how long it will take to complete.

Are there Any Height Restrictions when it Comes to Buildings Being Pressure Cleaned?

Some commercial buildings are very tall, comprising many stories or floors. A pressure cleaning service can clean any building regardless of how tall they are. However, for tall buildings, a boom lift and a telescoping wand can easily clean a ten story building. Much higher buildings will require other methods to navigate the taller buildings. When the outside of a multi-story building is due for some major cleaning, boom lifts or other equipment will need to be rented. When seeking a pressure cleaning service, be sure to share how tall the building is, if any special equipment is needed, so it can be reserved ahead of time.

What Can You Do with a Pressure Washer?

It is often asked, “what can pressure cleaning do?” A commercial property will have a diverse set of cleaning needs. Some commercial properties may need graffiti removed, dirt cleaned off, or other problems such as mold or grease taken care of. There is good news, pressure cleaning can do it all. Pressure cleaning can remove the most stubborn or stains, paint, mold and grime. Pressure cleaning can deep clean just about any exterior surface. Sometimes a cleaning solution may be used, but often plain water is enough. Whatever you need cleaned, pressure cleaning can do it.

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