How to Clean & Pressure Wash a Deck Before Staining, Spring or Anytime in Fayetteville GA

Your deck is most likely a happening spot in the spring and summer months. Enjoying the warmer temperatures, fresh air, sun exposure as well as relieving some cabin fever; is often done by congregating on the deck for some good conversation, food and beverages. Watching the pets and children play in the yard is easily supervised from the deck, while still keeping comfortable. However, over the fall and winter months, neglect and being largely unoccupied; your deck is sure to have taken some abuse. The weather and climate conditions have put some wear and tear on the surface. Leaves, sticks, dirt, mud, and other manner of debris have been collecting on your deck. Mold and mildew could have even settled in, though it may not be quite visible yet.

Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to offer the benefits of getting a thorough professional pressure cleaning of your deck.

1. Best and Most Effective Clean. Cleaning decks can really be a daunting task. Removing the furniture, toys and other items kept there is the starting point. Picking up the bulky trash is next. Followed by vigorous sweeping to contain all the dirt and debris. Once the strenuous sweeping is complete, you then need to get a solution ready and a scrub brush, to execute the backbreaking chore of scrubbing the surface. Including the railing and in the crevices. Afterwards, you then have to rinse away the solution and lifted filth. When the deck is fully air dried, you then can begin the labor of putting the deck furnishings and objects back into place. With a professional pressure cleaning, all the hard labor is easily performed. Utilizing the pressure cleaning equipment and detergents, your deck is left thoroughly cleaned.
2. Superior Pressure Washer Equipment & Detergents. You may have been exposed to the pressure cleaning equipment at your local home improvement store. They are available for rent or purchase. But the equipment and detergent is not the quality of a professionals. The professional has access to the superior detergents and more technologically advanced equipment, for a more efficient cleaning.
3. Pressure Washing Safety. Pressure cleaning is best performed by a trained professional. If you are not careful, you can cause damage to your deck’s surface. Attempting the DIY pressure cleaning is a gamble that can land you with costly repairs.
4. Improved Deck Appearance. There is a night and day difference between a filthy deck, and cleaned by hand and one treated with a pressure cleaning. With the latter, the natural beauty and vibrancy is restored. With a beautifully cleaned deck, your home’s exterior is enhanced and curb appeal heightened.
5. Clean Deck Pre-treatment. When a deck needs a bit of restoration or maintenance, having your deck pressure cleaned before applying the finish is an excellent benefit to ensure the deck is cleaned and sealed without trapping dirt, grime or mildew within the boards.

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