How to Clean & Remove Mold, Algae & Moss from Brick Walls & Pavers in Blacksville, GA

Brick on the outside exterior of homes or those used for fences and planters is a common sight in the state of Georgia. Due to our state’s climate, brick is prone to develop both moss and mold. Moss and mold on the brick can become a major problem, especially on the sides of the home. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to explain why bricks will develop mold or moss, why it is a concern, and how to treat and prevent it.

Damages of Moss and Mold on Brick

Bricks are essentially a mixture of clay, limestone and concrete. When they come together, they create a strong building material. However, the final result of the mixture leaves a very porous surface that creates a perfect environment for mold and moss to thrive. Once mold and moss begins to develop in the brick, they too will retain moisture for longer periods of time. The longer the moisture remains in the pores of the brick, the quicker bricks will begin to get weak and eventually break down. Moss and mold can also cause discoloration in brick even after it has been removed. Further treatments are often needed to help remove the discoloration. Due to premature decay and discoloration of the brick, it is recommended to always maintain the brick and keep them clean.

How to Get Rid of Moss & Algae from Brick

If you find yourself in need of removing mold or moss off of your brick, the best method is with pressure cleaning. It often requires a high pressure of water to remove the moss or mold. When removing moss or mold from brick, in most cases only water is needed to remove the substance. A professional pressure cleaner will know how much pressure to use, which will vary on the current condition of the brick. Sometimes less pressure may be required if the brick is showing signs of decay. After the brick has been cleaned, yet they are discolored, then further treatment is needed. A chemical solution may be used to treat the brick of any remaining mold or moss that is deeper in the brick, which may be causing the discoloration. Bleach can be used. However professional pressure washing services usually have more environmentally friendly cleaning solvents for exterior brick.

How to Stop Moss Growing on Brick

Due to our climate, it can be very difficult to prevent moss and mold from developing on brick. However, it can sometimes be prevented and/or prolonged. First, both mold and moss require damp environments that are typically shaded. Avoid planting trees or bushes in front of the brick whenever possible. The sun will greatly help prevent mold and moss from growing on your brick. Another recommendation, is to have your brick features regularly pressure cleaned. With regular cleaning, you can help prevent mold or moss from taking a strong hold on the brick.

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