How to Clean & Remove Old Motor Oil Stains from Concrete Driveways & Floors in Conyers, GA

Have you noticed there are some grease or oil stains on your concrete from the cars that are constantly driving on it? These stains can have a large impact on the overall look of your concrete. To remove them, there are several different methods you can try. It is important to remember you need to remove these stains before you seal your concrete so you aren’t sealing the stain into it. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to share a few different techniques that can be helpful when trying to remove grease or oil from your concrete.

Concrete Cleaning Techniques for Oil Stains

Not all great or oil stains are the same. There may be small spots on your driveway while other driveways may be covered in these stains. The cleaning method you use to remove these stains will depend on how big the stain is. It is important to remember that if one method doesn’t work, you can always try the others until you find the one that does the trick.

Removing Oil Stains with Detergent

If you have oil or grease spills that are rather small, you may get lucky and be able to remove them using some detergent to do so. Mixing detergent with a small amount of water and then scrubbing the small spot or stain can be successful.

Concrete Cleaner or Degreaser

You can also try removing oil stains with a commercial concrete cleaner / degreaser. These cleaners are not always successful when you have a stain that has been there for a long period of time though. The way they work is, they break up the oil so that it is more easily removed from the surface. This is a great option if you have concrete that is porous. If you have concrete that has a hard finish, you are better off using a different technique.

Clean Up Oil Spills with Kitty Litter

Another common method used to clean up grease or oil stains is a poultice. This is a fancy term for kitty litter. It works to soak up the oil or grease that is left on your concrete when you leave it to sit there. This may not be a realistic approach for large stains, but if you have a small one and some time on your hands, this could work.

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One of the most effective ways to remove grease or oil stains from your concrete is with professional pressure cleaning. With the right powerful cleaning solution and high pressured water, you can successfully remove even the toughest stains. At Big Moose Pressure Cleaning, we provide our customers with superior pressure washing services that will leave your concrete like new. If you have any concrete stains, you can count on our experts to come up with the best solution for removal. Call us today to remove your concrete stains!

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