How to Power Wash a Concrete Driveway Without Streaks in Lovejoy, GA; Best Pressure Cleaner Nozzles, PSI & More

Many homeowners work hard to maintain their home and their home’s surroundings. One aspect of exterior home cleaning that often needs frequent cleaning is the driveway. Driveways are prone to oil stains, tire tread marks and water stains. Concrete driveways are very hard to keep clean as concrete is very porous which makes it easy to absorb stains from oil, water and tire tread stains. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share how pressure cleaning helps to remove water, oil stains and tire tread marks off of concrete driveways.

DIY VS Professional Power Washing

Before covering how pressure cleaning works, it is important to stress that concrete requires proper pressure cleaning but concrete can be damaged with a pressure cleaning machine if it is not used correctly. Often concrete can break in small chunks and cause enough surface damage to promote erosion. There are dangers when it comes to improper pressure cleaning. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional pressure cleaning services when cleaning concrete.

Best Pressure Washer Nozzles

When cleaning concrete with a pressure cleaner, a professional will always make sure to use the right cleaning nozzle tip. Often colored coated, a pressure cleaning machine will usually have red, green, yellow, black and white nozzle tips. When cleaning concrete the green tip is used as it has a wider spread than the other nozzle tips. Other nozzle tips have more of a straight stream of pressure which can cause major damage to concrete. The black and white nozzle tips also have a wider spread but less power which is used to clean automobiles and windows.

Will 1700 PSI Clean Concrete?

With the proper cleaning nozzle the next important step is making sure the pressure cleaner is on the right setting. When cleaning concrete driveways, the proper setting is between 3,000 and 3,500 PSI. It is important to use enough PSI to remove deep oil stains, mold and other stains in the concrete. However, to much PSI, even with the wider spread nozzle, can cause damage to the concrete.

How to Clean Concrete Floors Without Streaks

When cleaning concrete you can often tell an amateur from a professional. When an amateur cleans a driveway they will often leave behind streaks or lines in the concrete. When a professional pressure cleaner cleans the driveway, they clean in overlapping sections to prevent lines or streaks. A professional pressure cleaner often only needs to use plain water that is occasionally heated. However, in some cases, a chemical is used to remove stains or treat mold or other organisms from off concrete surfaces. There are a number of different cleaners used depending on the need of the concrete driveway. There are cleaners that can remove oil stains, water stains and tire tread marks if the pressure and water is not enough to remove them from off the driveway.

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Once the driveway has been cleaned, it is recommended to seal the concrete driveway which will help prevent oil, water, rust, or tire tread marks from taking hold. Sealing concrete is one of the best ways to help keep concrete cleaner longer and extends the need of pressure cleaning on your driveway. For professional pressure cleaning services, for both commercial and residential properties, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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