How to Prepare Your House for a Power Washer in McDonough, GA; Close Windows & More

When you have scheduled a pressure washing service to come to your home and clean various areas you will want to prepare those areas. There is some prep work you will want to do to the exterior areas of your home before the pressure cleaning service arrives at your home. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share how to prepare your home for pressure cleaning and ensure that you get a quality service.

Make Sure Doors & Windows are Closed Before Pressure Washing

When a pressure washing service comes to your home you will want to make sure all doors and windows and shut tightly. If the roof, siding, windows or exterior walls of the home are being cleaned you will want to make sure that no water seeps through the cracks, especially if a window isn’t shut tight. Walk through your home before the pressure cleaning service arrives and make sure that they are shut tightly and any gaps around the doors or windows are sealed.

Cover Delicate Items Before Pressure Cleaning

If you have a car parked outside near the cleaning site or other sensitive items you don’t want to get wet you may want to cover those items with a tarp. Look around the outside of your home for items that might potentially get damaged. You can also cover planters or potted plants to help protect them from the chemicals used in the pressure washer. You will want to soak the plants before covering them. If the cleaning chemicals get splashed onto the covered plants, it is less likely to cause them irrecoverable damage. Keep in mind that you don’t want to over heat the plants while they are covered. Also move and cover any furniture that is near the cleaning site to protect them from getting wet.

Power Washing Safe Work Electrical Practices

If you have any electrical outlets be sure to unplug them before the cleaning service arrives. As most people know, electricity and water don’t mix. To prevent electrical hazard to the technicians and the residents of the home, make sure there are no electrical outlets being used and that other external electrical systems are switched off.

Keep Pets & Kids Inside During Pressure Washing

It is important to keep pets and children inside the home while your home is being cleaned. The force from a pressure washer can be very harmful and can hurt pets and children. Pressure washers often undergo regular safety training to prevent injury to themselves and to other crew members because of how dangerous pressure can be. Help them out by staying inside and keep pets and kids inside to prevent injury.

Exterior Pressure Cleaning Prep

Pressure cleaning can be used anywhere around the home from cleaning drive ways, decks, fences, to the entire exterior of the home. When requesting any pressure cleaning service make sure you go around the cleaning site and prepare the area. Protect the items nearby that you don’t want to get wet or damaged and consider safety precautions for quality services.

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