How to Pressure Clean Brick Pavers & Patios in McDonough, GA; How to Prepare, Power Washing, Rinsing Detergents & More

Is your brick patio or walkways in desperate need of cleaning? Have years of moss, dirt and grime left your bricks looking dull and dingy? You might be wishing you could restore your brick walkways or patio to their former glory. Well Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will walk you through the steps on how you can restore your brick patios or walkways and make it look like new.

Step 1. – How to Prepare for Pressure Cleaning

The first step is to prepare the area for cleaning. It is best to remove all patio furniture, potted plants and any other movable objects. Also keep in mind that pressure washers can cause injuries. Make sure you are wearing protective gear. Wear heavy pants and a long sleeve shirt, thick shoes, and of course glove and eye protection. Make sure before you begin that there are no pets or kids around while you clean. Before any major cleaning use the pressure wash on a low pressure setting. Generously soak the entire surface of the bricked area you wish to clean with straight water. This is important because bricks are very porous and you actually don’t want the cleaning detergent to soak inside the brick. You goal is to clean the surface.

Step 2. – Pressure Washing Brick Pavers & Patios

After you have thoroughly soaked the bricks, you can begin the washing process. Never use a high pressure stream when washing bricks. Keep the stream power down or you can actually embed the detergent deeper into the pores of the brick. This can leave nasty stains that are even more difficult to remove than dirt and moss. Make sure you use a softer or low power stream on your pressure washer, and a generous amount of detergent. There are many commercial grade brick cleaners that work well. Follow the directions on how much water to use with the detergent. Also read the soak time. You should at least allow the detergent to soak on top of the bricks for 5 to 10 minutes. If areas of the brick begin to dry while you allow the detergent to soak, re-wet those areas. You don’t want the detergent to soak too deep into the brick or again it will leave a soap stain. When using the pressure, make sure you spray the detergent in the correct pattern. Don’t be spraying in random directions. Create a grid and methodically clean away from the previous washed areas. This will prevent the need to go back and clean those tainted areas.

Step 3. – Rinsing Pressure Washer Detergent

After allowing the detergent to soak for those 5 to 10 minutes, it’s time to rinse. Naturally use straight water for rinsing. Again recreate the same pattern or grid to rinse the soap away. You may need to go over the same areas three times or more to fully remove the detergent. You may need to repeat the grid if necessary. After you’re done rinsing, your brick should be fully restored to its original glory. Occasionally you may notice some white powdery spots. This is called efflorescence. It’s easily cleaned. You do not use a pressure washer to clean of efflorescence. Use a scrub brush and buy efflorescence cleaner.

Brick Paver & Patio Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove & Griffin Georgia

Brick patios and walkways have an old timely look about them over time. They are sturdy and last a lifetime. However that doesn’t mean they need to look old and timely. Investing in a pressure cleaning will help restore your brick and made it look freshly laid. If you need help with restoring your brick walkways, driveways or patio, we here at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will be there for you. Contact us for all your exterior cleaning needs!

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