How to Prevent & Remove Graffiti From Brick, Concrete, Painted Surfaces & More in Locust Grove, GA

Many graffiti artists will argue that graffiti is an art and doesn’t hurt anybody. This is simply untrue. It ends up causing property damage and can decrease property value. Nobody wants to see graffiti in their neighborhood, because it unfortunately makes people wonder if that area has a high crime rate. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to talk about how to deal with graffiti and the best way to remove it!

Call Proper Authorities When You Witness Graffiti in Progress

If you notice that someone is damaging property with graffiti, it is important that you don’t take action yourself. You should immediately contact the proper authorities and let the police handle the situation. Take note of any details that will help them apprehend the perpetrators like their clothing, height, hair color, male or female, vehicle they are using to get away in and so on.

Document History of Graffiti

Before you even think about removing any graffiti, make sure you document it. You need to take pictures of where it happened and the cost to remove it. This will be helpful for insurance purposes and save you a headache in the end. You will need to have the date and time the crime was committed and any other information you think your insurance company or the police might need for their reports.

Remove Graffiti Immediately

When it comes to graffiti, removing it as soon as you notice it has happened is key. The longer you leave it on the wall or fence, the more notoriety it will gain. Taggers will get the message that you won’t stand for it on your property and hopefully move on. You don’t want your community to attract more graffiti and end up damaging your neighborhood in the process. Getting that graffiti removed as soon as possible is necessary in avoiding this.

Install Good Outdoor Lights to Help Prevent Graffiti & Other Crimes

In places that are more prone to graffiti, you might find that installing more lighting can help solve the problem. Taggers don’t want to work in a place that they can easily be spotted. They will most likely find somewhere else to go if the area is well lit. Good lighting will help deter any vandalism, not just graffiti.

Effectiveness of Neighborhood Watch Programs

When something like this happens in your neighborhood, let your neighbors know. The more people that are keeping a lookout for vandalism such as graffiti, the better. If everyone works together, you have a better shot at coming out victorious.

Graffiti and Vandalism Cleanup & Removal, Exterior Surface Pressure Washing & More in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove & Griffin Georgia

If your neighborhood or business has fallen victim to graffiti, you will want it removed right to avoid further damage. Using incorrect chemicals and equipment can end up further damaging the surface, causing discoloration and pocking. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning has employees who have been trained with the right tools to get graffiti cleaned up quickly and efficiently before it causes any more damage to your community. Call us today!

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