How to Remove Chewing Gum Litter in Front of Your Business Workplace in Barnesville, GA

Chewing gum is something most Americans do; whether you opt to use it as a means to freshen mid-day breath, to chew it to distract from other habits, or simply enjoying blowing bubbles throughout the day. Unfortunately, once people have finished chewing their gum, an estimated 80%-90% of chewed gum is not properly disposed, much like cigarette butts. Like cigarette butts that litter the ground after the smokers have randomly dropped it by the wayside, many people have a habit of spitting out their gum wherever they happen to be. As a result, commercial business has their storefront marred with chewed gum remnants. Today, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to expound on chewing gum.

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Polymers, or synthetic plastics that do not biodegrade, is what chewing gum is made from. When this chewing gum is carelessly tossed on the sidewalk, it will fester until it is removed. Though cities and scientists are trying to reduce the littered waste derived from chewing gum, it is still an issue. Scientists have created a natural gum that is made from biodegradable ingredients. City services have also implemented gum receptacles, like cigarette butt receptacles, in the effort to cut down on the litter. In a 6-month period, these trash cans have reduced the littered gum by 72%. Where this progress helps significantly, many businesses still see the chewed wads of gum defacing the presentation of their commercial storefront.

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Seeing chewed gum everywhere, stepping in it and tracking it inside your business lends to a poor impression of your business by colleagues, customers, or even employees. Keeping the storefront clean and free from chewed gum remnants can be a challenge. Some advice given on how to effectively remove chewed gum from the sidewalk or other surfaces include using products like Goo Be Gone, Goof off, Krudt Kutter, PB Blaster, concrete degreaser, or even WD-40. Other alternatives include use ice to freeze the chewed gum and snapping it off the surface, or pour boiled water on the gum a few times to loosen it up and using a putty knife to scrape it off, some advice also calls for a peanut butter application, and the remedies continue to be a little outlandish.

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Some of these remedies for removing chewed gum off the surface might be effective, but who has the time, patience, or extreme regard for sanitation to spend every day outside their business to apply peanut butter to randomly chewed gum? Business owners and your employees have more important tasks to achieve during the work day. With pressure cleaning services, you can ensure the gum is effectively removed in addition to the accumulation of dirt, debris, pollution, bacteria, and other contaminants. Investing in periodic pressure washing can keep your storefront, surrounding sidewalks, and parking lot free from the chewed gum litter along with the other filth and stains that are marring the presentation of your business. At Big Moose Pressure Cleaning, our experts are trained and experienced professionals who utilize pressurized equipment and detergents to effectively and safely remove the chewed gum and residues from your business exterior. Contact us to schedule your next appointment for exterior cleaning today!

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