Importance of Soft Wash Power Washing of Exterior Brick Pavers & Stone Walls etc in Zebulon, GA

Brick and stone is often used outside due to the material’s hardiness. Both brick and stone brings a natural beauty to a home and yard, but one often asks: does it require maintenance or cleaning? Both brick and stone is very hardy but they too need some maintenance from time to time. For those who may not know the various needs of brick and/or stone, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share the importance of maintaining and cleaning brick and stone.

Why Brick Pavers & Stone Blocks Needs Cleaning

Dirty Appearance – Brick or stone is often used outside, either as walls, planters, walkways or siding. Both brick and stone are very porous which is a weakness for both. Even though the pores are very small, dirt and moisture can seep into the stone or brick, providing a breeding ground for a number of organic matter. Brick and stone are most often home to moss. However, other organic matter such as mold, mildew, algae, and fungus can be found growing on stone or brick. The presence of any one of these organisms can discolor the stone or brick and make it look terrible. Looks isn’t everything though. The biggest problem is erosion.
Erosion – Both brick and stone is prone to erosion or decay from moss or other organisms. Brick and stone walls are often exposed to birds and other wildlife. Urine and feces can also lead to erosion, especially that which comes from birds. Birds are trouble and can cause major erosion in brick and stone within a few months. When birds and other wildlife creatures continue to climb on your stone or brick it is important to wash off the walls and keep them free of animal droppings.

Pressure Washing Stone & Brick Walls, Patios & More

Any external material, including stone and brick, must be kept cleaned since it is exposed to the environment. However, since it is exposed to the environment it must be kept up correctly to prevent further damage. When cleaning brick or stone, soft pressure washing is recommended. A soft wash uses far less pressure, mixed with the proper solution. Many people often will damage the stone or brick due to improper pressure settings. Pressure cleaning is very efficient and is one of the best ways to have stone or brick cleaned. However, it needs to be done correctly. When cleaning the stone or brick, a professional will use a soft pressure washing method. Often combined with a cleaning agent the stone or brick can be cleaned and treated, killing the moss, mold, or algae that may be living on them. The solution usually soaks into the stone or brick, kills the microorganisms inside, and then the solution is rinsed away by using the same soft pressure. By having the brick and stone properly maintained, it can extend the life of the material. You can stop and even prevent erosion with regular cleaning. Brick and stone can be cleaned yearly to help prevent erosion and organisms from taking hold of the stone or brick.

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When you need a professional pressure cleaning service to help maintain and clean your home’s stone or brick, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning. We provide quality professional pressure cleaning services for both commercial and residential property. To schedule our services, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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