Improper Power Washing Can Cause Damage in Lovejoy, GA; Pitting, Lines & Other Marks

Homeowners or untrained service providers often make the mistake of taking on the task of pressure washing. With the equipment readily available for rent or purchase, too many are attempting the process. Without proper safety measures and application, irreversible damage is being done to the various surfaces of your home. Where damage can occur with power washing with those who do not have the training, those proficiently trained and experienced can take care of your pressure washing needs. We at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to list the potential damage that can be done without the assistance of a reliable expert.

DIY Power Washer Lines & Marks

For starters, DIY pressure washing damage commonly includes mold and mildew growth from the home’s siding collecting water. Accidental denting or forced removal can affect shingles, shutters, siding, and other such elements of the home. The home’s exterior painting can be discolored or even unevenly removed unnecessarily. Also, splinters and cracks can occur in the wood or stone surfaces. These are just a few of the examples of damage sustained by improper pressure washing. The goal of pressure washing is to improve the home’s cleanliness and vibrancy, not cause eye-sores and excessive damage!

Proper Pressure, Distance & Technique of Pressure Washing

There is a complex nature to pressure washing few understand who have not been formally trained. Pressure, distance, and technique are applied to the different surfaces to achieve maximum results.
Pressure: Pressure washing is used interchangeably because of the great force of water used to clean the surfaces. Too much pressure is not always necessarily optimal as the higher the pressure the higher the risk of damage. Concrete surfaces, for example, can endure high volumes of pressure, which is required to remove the dirt and grime from the porous material. Roof shingles, on the other hand, is an example of a surface that requires a soft wash. Pressure washing is so much more involved than most think and the psi plays a measure role.
Distance: From the point of the pressure washing wand to the surface is the distance that is equally important. Using high pressure at 3 inches from the surface will not only get rid of the dirt and grime but it will likely chisel chunks, scratch, mark, or discolor the surface as well. Distance is a vital variable that changes from surface to surface.
Technique: When it comes to power washing, there is a science and skill that work in tandem to get the job done right. Effective pressure washing requires knowledge and experience. Vinyl siding, for instance, has gaps in between each section and pressure washing against the grain, with the exposed gaps, water will easily flow and be contained behind the panels. Every surface requires specific techniques, pressure, and distance.

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Ultimately, investing in commissioning a professional, such as Big Moose Pressure Cleaning, can save you money in the long run, spare your home from severe damage and mold growth in addition to time. Our methodical approach can get exterior surfaces clean in half the time of an untrained professional with far more efficiency and safety. Call Big Moose Pressure Cleaning for your pressure washing projects!

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