Is Soft Washing Better than Pressure Washing to Clean Shingle Roofs, Stucco, Window Screens & More in Irondale, GA?

Both residential and commercial properties greatly benefit from pressure cleaning services. There are a number of different types of pressure cleaning services. The two most common types of pressure cleaning services is a soft wash and a pressure wash. Often these two pressure cleaning services can be somewhat confusing. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to help you understand the differences of a soft wash and a pressure wash and when they are the best option for you.

Soft Wash VS Pressure Washer

When it comes to pressure cleaning there is a major difference between a soft wash and a pressure wash, or sometimes called a power wash. Most people will see a pressure washer machine and assume that it cleans a number of exterior surfaces. Where the pressure cleaning machines all do look similar, they preform different tasks. Soft pressure cleaning is very common and is a highly used form of pressure cleaning. A soft wash is used to clean a number of surfaces with damage on the surface. A pressure wash or power wash is most often used to clean and remove heavy residue or is used to intentionally remove layers of paint. When repainting a surface of a building or other structures or objects, often you need to remove the upper layers of paint or remove loose paint before repainting the surface. It is important to know when to use a pressure wash and when to use a soft wash. If you do not know how these two cleaning services differ, you could potentially damage your home and property.

Soft Pressure Wash

To better understand the soft wash, let us break down the nature of a soft pressure wash. As the name suggests, you are using a softer pressure. However, even a soft pressure wash still has a lot of power. A soft wash can effectively clean just about any surface, using minimal water and no chemicals. The power or pressure is enough to remove most organic substances and other residue. There are many scenarios where a soft pressure wash is used as it cleans the surface but will not damage or unintentionally remove paint, stains and other protective sealants.

High Pressure Wash

Pressure washing or power washing is when a lot more pressure and force is used. Pressure cleaning can be used to remove tough grime and oil stains from asphalt and concrete. Pressure cleaning is a common choice to remove graffiti or to strip off a seal, paint or stain. Pressure cleaning uses a lot of power which means you never use it on any surface that can break down due to the pressure. Even when stripping old paint off you must be very careful not to be too close or allow the pressure to remain for too long. When you need a pressure cleaning it is important to allow a professional to do the pressure cleaning as it can go wrong very easily.

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