Low Pressure Soft Wash Roof Cleaning to Remove Mold, Moss, Algae, Lichen & More in Covington, GA

One’s list of to-dos’ never ends. Just when you think you’ve caught a break and can get some rest, something is inevitably going to pop up. Owning a home is one of the most satisfying of life’s pleasures. With this blessing comes a ton of responsibilities that can be daunting for one to care for alone. Therefore, most people make the smart decision to reach out to companies they can rely on and trust to help them with the big things they can’t do or get to on their own. It lightens the work load that would otherwise be overwhelming. And sometimes these tasks are more than just routine cleaning. Like roof cleaning. If you’ve noticed staining on your roof top or moss growth, this can be an indication that more is going on beneath the surface than what is visible to the human eye from ground level and should be cleaned by a reputable company like Big Moose Pressure Cleaning before it causes damage to the structure resulting in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in preventable damage.

What Causes Mold, Algae, Lichen & Moss Stains on Roof?

Stains found on our roof tops can be caused by a few things. The main culprits being Algae, Lichen colonies, and Moss.
Green Roof Algae – Algae is a living Photosynthetic Organism that survives mainly off pollen, dust, and organic material deposited onto our rooftops from nearby trees. When coupled with moisture Algae is given an ideal breeding ground to thrive on. The most common places Algae is found is on the Northern or Western facing rooftops because they get the least amount of sun. Damp, Dark places where Algae is present are also perfect conditions for Mold to thrive. Algae growth on roof tops can cause more issues than just mold though! Algae absorbs the Sun’s rays and will heat up the top of your home causing your HVAC system to work overtime trying to cool your home, ultimately leading to higher energy costs. If left untreated Algae will eventually ruin your shingles.
Roof Lichen – Lichen colonies are another likely cause of roof stains. This is a Mold of the class Ascomycetes and grown in connection with Algae. Lichen colonies typically grow a crusty, branch like growth that extends out onto the shingle granules on your roof. It will eat away at the shingles organic oil base in search of nutrients to thrive on and grow. If left untreated, Lichen colonies will likely wreak havoc on your roof, and the longer it sits, the harder the stains are to remove.
Moss on Roof – Moss is another organism that causes damage to our homes, Moss contains a lot of moisture and will therefore keep our roofs wet for extended periods of time ultimately causing wood rot to the structure and will erode shingles prematurely. Moss is known to grow on the vertical slots on our roofs between the shingles. Asphalt shingles do not provide a way for water to escape efficiently so it is usually the last spot to dry out on your roof causing an array of problems. If left untreated, moss will damage the shingles, and will eventually deteriorate the granules under the moss.

Soft Wash Low Pressure Cleaning & More in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove & Griffin Georgia

Big Moose Pressure Cleaning uses a custom formulation combined with a low pressure soft washing technique that is effective in removing these unsightly stains and won’t damage your roof even further. Using mobile, state of the art hot water cleaning equipment they will kill the bacteria and mold that is wreaking havoc on your home and likely save you from costly repairs down the road. Contact us for soft wash roof cleaning today!

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