Pool Deck Maintenance & Exterior Cleaning Guide in Fayetteville, GA; Wood, Concrete, Vinyl, Travertine Tile, Plaster & Composite Decks

The summer has come and that means that most people are spending more time outdoors and on their deck and pool deck. The best way to enjoy the summer is with swimming time and hanging out in shaded areas! This is great as long as your deck and pool deck are looking their best and they have been cleaned. The best way to do this is to have your deck maintained regularly so that any damage is caught early and they are kept clean. Having debris and dirt not only makes the deck look bad but the debris could be causing damage to the deck as well. If you are looking for some tips on caring for your deck this list is sure to help you out!

Big Moose Pressure Cleaning lists tips to help maintain your deck and pool deck.

What Is Your Deck Made Of: One of the things that you need to know to determine the right treatment for it is the material that your deck is made of. It can be made from wood, concrete, tile, plaster and vinyl to name a few. Whatever the material is it is going to need to have some treatments to ensure that it is taken care of and kept looking its best.
Power Wash The Deck: If you have a deck around your home or pool you want to be sure that you treat it with a pre-wash. This is a great way to get some of the debris that is loose and just laying around the deck itself. Many of the types of materials can be washed with water only and that will ensure that the detergent or the soap does not damage the material. This can be a low pressure wash that can be done by a professional.
Fix Any Gaps: If you have a deck that is made of plaster, vinyl or wood there is going to be areas that the pieces are fit together and that can leaves gaps. These areas need to be treated and possibly repaired if they are supposed to have a filler in between. You also want to repair any nails that may be loose or removed so that no further damage occurs.
Deck Refinishing, Sealing & Painting or Staining: Your deck over time will start to chip and if it is made of wood can start to split. The best way to stop this from happening is to have them refinished when necessary. The process that needs to be done will depend on the type of deck that you have. Some types only need to be sealed and some need to be sanded down and repainted.
Have Decks Pressure Washed Regularly: The best way to keep your deck or pool deck looking its best is to have them pressure washed professionally on a regular basis. This should be done by a professional pressure washing company that has experience in pressure washing so that the deck is not damaged in the process.

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