Power Washing to Restore a Weathered Wood Deck & Make it Look Like New Again in Jackson, GA

With the delightful weather fast approaching, outdoor activities will become quite popular. Enjoying the sun’s rays, nice temperatures and fresh air, hosting meals, gatherings, or simply watching the children play, your deck will become a frequently used hangout space. However, during the cooler months, your deck most likely took some additional abuse, along with current wear and tear it has already endured. At the start of the new season, you are determined to get the deck in a glorious state. We at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to offer some tips and steps to restore your deck back to noteworthy once again.

Clean Wood Deck

Before you begin the real work, you have to clear the deck of all manner of debris along with furnishings or clutter. Sweep up all dirt, leaves and sticks, and dispose of the waste and debris. Ensure your deck is clear before moving on. If mold is discovered under debris. follow safety precautions including goggles, mask and gloves. If there is severe mold, consult with a professional. If the mold is minimal, brush away surface layer, utilizing safety gear, bleach the area, sand out the infected boards, or replace. Once mold spores take it root, it is very difficult to remove the spores.

Repair Damaged Wood Deck

After conducting an inspection, make any necessary repairs. Screws, and bolts need to be fastened with new, longer screws or nails. Be sure the nails or screws are decking screws and nails. They are designed and engineered for decking needs. If any boards have become rotten, they will need replacing. Often the boards will need to be sanded down, especially if you intend to change the color of the finish.

Wash Decking

After all repairs have been made, and sanding complete, broom off the surface to ensure sawdust, or dirt have been removed. Using a mild laundry detergent and warm water, scrub the entire surface for a deeper clean. If your deck is large, and the task seems overwhelming, hire a professionally to perform a pressure wash. It is extremely thorough, and allowing a professional to do the service will ensure it is done efficiently, and no damage is done to the surface.

Dry & Finish Deck

To apply the finish to your deck, the wood needs to be completely dry. To dry it a little faster, you can blow it off with a leaf blower. After you certain that the deck is dry, apply the finish of your choice. Follow label’s directions. Once the finish has been allotted sufficient drying time, you can replace your furnishings, and enjoy your beautiful and vibrant deck.

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