Pressure Washing in Social Circle, GA; Wood, Brick & Block Wall Fences, Concrete Driveways & More

There are those who often clean areas around their home using good old fashioned elbow grease. Even so, some projects are overwhelming and can take a quite a bit of time to clean. Therefore, many ask: is there a better way? You might be surprised to learn the benefits of using a pressure washer for some of these tasks. Pressure washers have so many uses that can take an overwhelming task and make the job much simpler and quicker. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share some of these challenging areas around the home that need a good cleaning and how pressure cleaning is the better way to go.

Pressure Washing Wood, Brick & Block Wall Fences

Both wood and block wall fencing are both textured materials that easily trap dirt. Over time, mold and fungus can begin to stain and make your fencing look awful. Most will first try to use a garden hose to clean the wall and fencing. However it usually wields little results. With the correct cleaning materials and the right settings, a pressure washer will provide great results with a lot less effort. When your fencing needs cleaning, you will find a pressure washer is the best method for cleaning it.

Power Washing Driveways & Concrete Patios

Between oil, tire track stains, to dirt and bird poop, your concrete patios and driveways require regular attention. Cleaning stains out of concrete can become a rather tedious chore. Concrete is another porous materials that holds in dirt, oils and other elements. Over time, certain elements such as bird droppings and other acidic materials can begin to erode concrete. To clean and reclaim your patios and driveways, you can use a pressure washer to tackle these unsightly concrete stains.

Exterior Paint Removal

When you need to remove paint to clear the way for a fresh new coat, whether you need to repaint a fence, deck or outside of your home, removing old paint can be a major task. You can use a pressure washer to strip the old paint. Pressure washers don’t require a paint stripper to be used first which benefits the environment. The force from the pressure washer is all that is used to remove old paint.

Pool Deck Cleaning

About every 10 to 15 years it is recommended to drain and clean the inside of both an in ground and above ground pool and depending on the pool’s care, sometimes even sooner. Instead of scrubbing and rinsing using a garden hose, a pressure washer makes quick work of cleaning the interior areas of a pool.

Grill Cleaning Service

Every time you BBQ, you need to scrub and clean away the old debris. However, despite best efforts grills quickly get dirty and need more than just a little scrubbing. Again, a pressure washer can help clean outdoor cooking grills with ease.

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