Problems with DIY Pressure Washing in Jonesboro, GA; Streaks, Damage & More

DIY pressure washing has become popular in recent years and with rental options on the rise, so are home repairs. According to the knowledgeable experts at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning, most DIY operators don’t have the training, skill, or knowledge of equipment to correctly clean surfaces, which unfortunately results in damage to siding, decks, and walkways; ultimately leaving the homeowner cringing with despair and an expensive repair bill. Hiring the experts at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is a fast, safe and affordable option to tackling the job yourself.

Benefits of Professional Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Increase Home Value & Curb Appeal. One of the biggest benefits of Big Moose Pressure Cleaning professional power washing services is to allow property owners to increase the value and street appeal of their homes by removing stains, mildew and algae off of exterior surfaces. Pressure washing can also prolong the life of the siding attached to your home and the exterior paint. Technicians are trained in the art of pressure washing and will utilize the correct equipment and water pressure to get the job done right the first time.
Remove Corrosive Build Up & Stains. Pressure cleaning can also remove corrosive build up that can potentially damage your concrete driveways and walkways. If you neglect these areas you run the risk of permanent staining and damage. Regular pressure cleanings will not only keep you walkways looking great; it will also save you money long term. Regular pressure washing can also remove dirt and stains on deck surfaces, a professional deck washing treatment for example can extend the lifespan of your deck and increase the beauty of your homes exterior.

DIY Pressure Washing Mistakes

With so many benefits associated with professional pressure washing it’s easy to see why homeowners are lulled into a force sense of security. Unfortunately for many amateur enthusiasts, there is much more to pressure washing than spraying water on a dirty surface. The truth is, pressure cleaning requires skill and a precise mix of water and cleaning solutions. Some of the most common pressure washing mistakes made by homeowners includes:
Too much pressure: It’s easy to underestimate the power associated with a jet of water, and many first timers will damage siding and decking in the process of cleaning. Taking care to estimate the correct distance and pressure to ensure that the surface is not damaged is best left to your Big Moose Pressure Cleaning professional.
Lack of cleaning solutions: One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners is using little to no cleaning solutions and instead using plain water. This not only diminishes the effectiveness of your cleaning it can also spread mold spores resulting in expensive damages.
Cleaning surfaces in the wrong order: This mistake may not seem like a big deal but it can make your efforts to clean a waste of time. For example, if you clean your windows first before your siding you will end up spraying the dirt from the siding on your clean windows. Your Big Moose Pressure Cleaning professionals will ensure that the correct order is followed to ensure that every surface is cleaned effectively.

Professional Pressure Washing in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove, Griffin, Stockbridge, Social Circle & Jackson Georgia

For more information regarding professional residential and commercial pressure washing for your home or business, contact the experts at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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