Tips for How to Pressure Wash Your McDonough, GA House with Vinyl Siding, Brick or Other Surfaces

There are many do it yourself kind of people who may undertake some task on their own. One common chore most will attempt themselves is pressure washing their home exterior, fences, decks and driveways. Where it is rather simple to rent or buy your own pressure washer this chore may seem easy enough to get done. However pressure washing can be dangerous and can cause severe damages if not done correctly. That’s why Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share some tips before you begin to undergo any pressure cleaning job to prevent any unnecessary damages or injuries.

Use the Correct Pressure Washer

When buying or renting a pressure washer you will want the right tool for the job. You will not only need to use one with the right amount of PSI, but also water flow. One of the most universal pressure washers best for most home cleaning tasks is a % GPM pressure washer with at least 3,700 PSI. Also, you will want a pressure washer that can use cleaning agents for molds, grease and etc. Some will not allow the use of soap or any other cleaning agents which later you might find useful.

Power Washer Safety Training

Make sure to wear safety gear such as eye protection, gloves, sturdy boots, heavy pants, and long sleeved shirts. Pressure washers are very powerful and can injure you or others if you’re not careful. You should also keep kids and pets inside while you’re using a pressure washer. Be very aware on the nozzle and never use it on glass or other fragile items.

Don’t start with the Highest Pressure Washing Setting

Most people believe you should use the high setting to get a good deep clean. However this just causes more damage than it actually cleans. It is best to start with the lowest pressure and water flow setting for each job. It is also important to research how much pressure should be used on the different surfaces and never exceed those limits.

Clear Area When Exterior Cleaning

Make sure you remove potted plants, outdoor furniture, vehicles and any other item around the areas you are about to clean. Not only can the pressure accidentally damage surrounding items, but the kick back of dirt and other particles being cleaned off can land on those surrounding items. This can cause more to clean than what is necessary.

Know the Pressure Washers Limits

Real life isn’t like the commercials where this magical pressure washer can clean and remove anything and everything. This just isn’t true even though it is one of the best tools we have to remove or clean those tougher surfaces. However some stains just will never come out. Don’t crank up the pressure in hopes to clean or remover a stubborn stain. It won’t work and you will create more damage.

Know your Limits When Pressure Washing

Depending on the task, you may find yourself climbing ladders or moving around slippery surfaces. Be aware of your own physical limits. Also be aware of your own knowledge of pressure washing. If you’re not sure how much pressure or what kind of cleaning agents should be used on different surfaces, it is best not to tackle those cleaning jobs yourself.

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