What Can a Damage a Roof in Riverdale, GA? How Can Pressure Washing Help Remove Mold, Bird Poop & More

The roof is the home’s primary shield from rain, wind and intense sunlight. Unfortunately, when a roof is exposed to these elements, it can speed up decay and general wear and tear.When the roof of the home becomes compromised, the entire home is at risk. To extend the life of the roof, it is often recommended having the roof pressured washed to keep off the damaging elements. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share some of these common types of exposure that can ruin any roof.

Get Rid Mold, Moss & Lichen on Roof

In Georgia, we have a lot of humidity in the summer and get rain and snow in the winter. Due to our climate, we have a lot of moisture throughout the year, that moisture aids in the development of moss, mold, and lichens. Mold, moss and lichens frequently develop on roof tops and primarily tiled and asphalt roofs. These types of organisms cause the upper layer of the roof to break down and decay prematurely. To keep mold, moss, and lichens in check, it is important to keep the roof free of these types of elements. Pressure washing can remove moss, mold, and lichens off of your home’s roof. You only need to schedule a pressure cleaning service to do a soft pressure cleaning. To prevent moss, molds and lichen from damaging your roof, it is recommended to have your roof pressure cleaned once a year.

Remove Bird Poop from Roof

Bird droppings is a much bigger problem than most people realize. Bird droppings are highly acidic which leads to corrosion. When birds choose to roost on your roof, they will leave behind their droppings. Over time there droppings will build up. These droppings can contain pathogens that can cause illness if their droppings are near the air conditioner unit. Bird dropping can pose both a health hazard and damage the roof. For this reason, homeowners should have the droppings washed off of their roof. Depending on the number of birds you have landing on your roof, you may want to consider having your roof pressure cleaned every six months.

Clean Leaves & Debris Off Roof

If you home sets underneath a tree or your roof tends to collect a lot of leaves, twigs and other debris, this can also cause problems for your roof. Leaves and debris can collect or hold in moisture which leads to the development of moss, mold and lichens. Leaves can also decay, which releases moisture as they do. You do not want moisture staying on your roof as that moisture can lead to roof damage and often results in roof leaks. Another problem with leaves and debris on your roof are the pests. There are many pests that would be drawn to the debris and leaves on the roof. Birds, cockroaches, and rodents will look at the leaves and debris as shelter, food or nesting material. To keep the pests off of your roof, you will need to have the leaves and debris removed.

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Pressure cleaning can help keep your roof free of the damaging elements and ensure you have a clean and healthier roof. For quality pressure cleaning services, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today!

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