What is the Best Time of Year to Pressure Wash Your Covington, GA House & Driveway?

Often you will hear how summer is the best time of year to pressure clean around your home. Many wonder if it’s because it’s warmer or if it’s because you have more time to invest in cleaning your home. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to explain why, along with some of the major benefits of pressure cleaning your home, during the summer season.

Is it Better to Pressure Wash Your House in the Summer or Other Seasons?

Weather: One of the first reasons why pressure washing is best during the summer is the season itself. Winter is cold and along with that cold is ice. That makes it more difficult to pressure wash certain areas. The fall has constant leaf fall while the trees and other plants get ready to sleep the winter season away. Therefore, fall can be a bit more difficult when temperatures are cooling down. Spring may seem like a good time. The weather is warming up and it’s nice to be outside. However, the spring rains bring out much of the grease, leaves, and outside debris, making your pressure washing job a short lived experience. Summer is ideal because all of the grease and debris from the spring rain is exposed and with the heat ramping up, the water from your pressure cleaning dries faster and stays clean longer.
Time: Summer provides more time to get chores like pressure washing done. Additionally, you can schedule a pressure cleaning service to come out while you’re on vacation since they only need access to the front and back yards. You can schedule them while you’re away if you like. Summer vacation provide a great opportunity to have the exterior features of your home deep and professionally cleaned whether you’re away on vacation or at home with the kids.
Heat: As mentioned, the summer heat helps the water dry faster. This doesn’t just help the cleaning job look better but it also fights mold and mildew. Mold and mildew requires moisture and humidity to thrive. With summer’s higher temperature, the water dries much quicker, thereby denying mold and mildew the opportunity to develop. For decks, moisture that collect or sets on the surface of wood can also be a major problem. Cleaning decks should only be done in the summer to prevent water damage and remove and kill any mold or mildew that may have occurred during the spring time rains. After the moisture exposure from both winter and spring, summer time is the best time to make sure you treat your home’s exterior and surrounding features for mold and mildew. This prevents mold exposure and rot of the home’s structures.
Resale: By maintaining your home and having it pressure cleaned, it helps the longevity of the external structure of the home, including the roof. Pressure cleaning uses solvents to kill molds, mildews, lichen, and moss which prevent erosion and damages to your home. By maintaining your home and preventing roof and exterior damage, you can’t maintain the value of the property as well as increase its value. For those who may want to put their home up for sale and move during the summer break, having it pressure cleaned can increase curb side appeal along with value.

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