What Kind of Damage Can Clogged Gutters Cause in Experiment, GA? Flooded Crawlspace, Foundation Problems & More

The gutter system is an essential part of a home. The gutter system ensures that the water properly flows from off the roof and away from the home. When the gutter system is neglected over time, they will develop clogs and other problems that can affect the home in many ways. A gutter system demands routine cleaning to ensure the health of the home. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share some of the dangers of a neglected gutter system and how to avoid their major consequences.

Flooded Crawlspace from Blocked Gutters

Did you know that a clogged gutter system can cause crawlspaces to flood? Flooding can occur during the rainy season when the gutters are not clean. When a gutter is clogged it can overflow. The water will then trickle down the sides of the home and collect inside the crawlspace. Flooding in the crawlspace will require flood damage and restoration services and cost the homeowner thousands of dollars to repair their home.

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Foundation Problems

A clogged and overflowing gutter system can also effect the foundation of the home. Even if no basement exists, it is still bad news when water collects around the outer edges of the home. Water will seep into the ground and underneath the foundation, causing the foundation to shift. The foundation can also develop holes and cracks, which will weaken the foundation.

Pests Can Live in Clogged Gutters

A clogged gutter system is a major contributor to pests. Mosquitoes can become a huge problem. These insects require standing water to lay their eggs and clogged gutters become a major breeding site. Along with mosquitoes, standing water will attract birds and rodents that are looking for a drink of water. Cockroaches such as Oriental cockroaches love damp and dark places. You would be surprised to see the number of pests your gutter will attract to your home.

Blocked Gutters Can Cause Siding Damage

As a clogged gutter system begins to overflow, the water will flow down the side of the home. The water flowing down the side of the home can cause major damage to the siding. Wooden siding can begin to rot. Mold and algae can develop on any surface where there is plenty of water. The exterior siding of the home is often severely damaged simply due to an over flowing gutter system.

Clogged Gutters Causes Roofing Issues

The gutter system captures the water that flows from off of the roof. When the gutter system is clogged the roof is in serious trouble. The soffits and fascia is also prone to water damage due to the gutter system. The water will not flow correctly which exposes parts of the roof to water damages.

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A clogged or dirty gutter system can have a number of different effects on a home. This is why the gutter system must be properly taken care of. Gutter cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your home’s gutter system. A professional pressure cleaning service can clean your gutter system quickly and effectively. To prevent clogged gutter systems, simply contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning. We provide gutter cleaning and much more.

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