What Surfaces Around Your Home Can You Pressure Wash in Conyers, GA? Deck, Driveway, Siding & More

Just like the inside of your home, maintaining a home’s exterior can take some effort, and use up a lot of your time. Over time and exposure to the elements, the exterior of your home will quickly look gritty and dirty. You can deal with this problem quickly with a power washing service. Today, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to discuss the primary elements of the home’s exterior that are candidates for pressure washing services.

Pressure Wash a Deck

Deck maintenance is one of the main reasons why people buy power washers. Dirt builds up on decks from foot traffic and exposure to the elements. When it is time to apply a new stain, it is necessary to prepare the surface first. Use the power washer to get rid of dirt and built-up grime, and the old stain. If this is not properly done, the new stain will not adhere to the wood surface properly, and this could lead to damage.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

The roof quickly builds up debris as the home’s main contact with the elements. A problem will eventually develop from windblown dirt and leaves. It will shorten the life of the shingles and the roof if it leads to algae growth. Power washing, cleans the roof and with routine services, maintains the neat appearance. Since it can cause damage to some types of shingles, avoid setting the pressure too high.

Have Your Driveway Cleaned

Because it builds up dirt quickly, the driveway is often a neglected area, though it shouldn’t be. Regular sweeping, as it is commonly treated to keep it clean, is not enough. Something that can undermine the paved surface is the dirt can end up in the joints. Detracting from your curb appeal is when the dirty driveways often have weeds. For it a minimize the need for repairs, power washing the driveway will help to care.

Get Siding Cleaned

In order to maintain its appearance, experts recommend power washing the siding annular. Depending on conditions where you live, this may be done more often. When it comes to different types of siding, the right pressure needs to be used. Using a pressure washer, aluminum, vinyl and brick siding can be cleaned.

Using a Pressure Washer on Fence / Walls

A good tool for maintaining your property’s appearance is power washing services. When power washing any fences or walls, be extremely cautions you do not make contact the nearby plants. If you ever attempt DIY pressure cleaning, you need to recognize that each material requires specific pressure and even temperature settings for safe and efficient settings.

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