What Surfaces Need to Be Power Washed in Spring in Morrow, GA? Siding, Roofs, Decks & More

To ensure that it holds its value, everyone who has owned a home knows that the home requires routine maintenance. Homeowners shouldn’t neglect the cleanliness of the outside of the home either while many people focus on appliances and HVAC units. The outside of the home is the first part of the home that they see when prospective buyers, guests, or even family members visit the home. Today, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to suggest which areas of your property should be regularly power washed.

Clean House Siding

The outside of the home is going to take a beating over the years. The siding can take abuse from thunderstorms, high winds, or even brush debris up against the siding. The outside of the home can be defaced with stains due to the accumulation of dirt and smudges when water sticks to the siding. Invest in a clean pressure washing to make the siding look new.

Soft Wash Roof

Because they do not see the roof from the top regularly many people forget about the roof. The roof is an important part of the home that should also be cleaned regularly in fact. All of the debris falling from the sky could clog up drainage pathways from the roof and lead to house damage if in the event the roof is not cleaned regularly. Hire a professional pressure washer to clean the roof regularly in order to prevent this from happening.

Deep Clean Driveway

The most important part of the home that should be pressure washed is probably the driveway. Any other part of the home. The driveway receives more wear and tear than any other part of the home. Constantly, vehicles drive over the driveway. Brushed up on the driveway regularly includes debris from the lawn and trees. The growth of mold and algae builds up from rainwater and sprinkler water. Rely on a pressure washer to truly clean the driveway.

Power Wash Exterior Deck

A popular place for family and friends to gather is the deck. The deck undergoes a significant amount of wear and tear, between the parties, outdoor grills, and fire pit hangout sessions. It can be challenging to get those stains off the deck. Pressure washes the deck regularly to eliminate those wretched stains.

Stone Stairs Cleaning

Because people don’t think to clean the steps on a regular basis, the stone stairs are often a neglected area of the home. Unfortunately, the growth of algae and stains can develop because stone stairs have a propensity to trap a significant amount of water. To truly make those stone steps look like new, those stains require a strong pressure wash.

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