When Should You Powerwash Siding in Porterdale, GA? Clean Exterior Walls Before Painting & More

As they consider it unsafe for their home or commercial building, pressure washing the siding of a house is often a no for most people. There are many benefits when this cleaning job is done effectively and at the correct times, though it is true that pressure washing your house’s siding can damage it if done incorrectly. With this in mind, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to express the ideal times to power washing the siding of your home.

Clean Exterior Walls Before Painting

If placed over a dirty surface, a fresh coat of paint will never stick well. Being very uneconomical, it will require a lot of paint to cover the dirt in fact. The new paint will only resolve these problems for a while, should green spots such as mold and mildew also eat through the new exterior paint over time. Rendering the surface smooth and ready to paint comes from the pressure washing the siding is a more viable option as it clears all dirt, debris, grime, mold, and mildew.

Clean Siding Before Selling House

Being easier to sell and likely to fetch relatively higher price, it is well known that homes with an appealing fresh exterior helps. Especially if the paint is still fresh, freshening up the exterior by pressure washing the siding will do the trick. If in the event the house needs fresh paint, pressure washing before repainting is also appropriate.

Pressure Wash After a Storm

A lot of dirt and debris that gets deposited it on the sidings of the house can easily come from severe storms with high winds and rainy weather. This necessitates a deep cleaning through pressure washing, which will inadvertently also take less time from these deposits are difficult to clean up with a bucket of water.

How Often Should Wash House Exterior

It is recommended that the siding is cleaned once a year to clear any debris that might have accumulated as a rule of thumb, however, it should be done at least every 2 or 3 years. The timing is not cast in stone as there are some other variables to consider, however. An annual wash is more appropriate with a house near a dirt or rock road, airport, or production facility, will accumulate dirt more often for example. Depending on its location, you will therefore tailor the cleaning schedule to fit your property.

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