Will a Pressure Washer Deep Clean to Remove Ingrained Dirt & Stains in Porous Concrete in Jackson, GA?

We use concrete everywhere. We use it as sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches and so much more. Concrete can be found in both commercial and residential properties. Concrete is very sturdy and it will last a long time. However, concrete can develop certain problems, including stains. Concrete can be stained by oil, grease, tire tread, moss and more. When concrete is stained you may try to remove the stain with soap, a lot of hard scrubbing and a garden hose. However, after all your efforts, you may find your concrete still has stains. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share how to effectively get stains out of concrete.

What Causes Concrete to Stain?

Concrete stains may sound odd to some people, but yes concrete can develop stains. In fact concrete is super prone to stains because concrete is very porous. The tiny pores inside the concrete allows moisture, bacteria, microorganisms and other substances to seep deep into the concrete. Because of those tiny pores it can be very difficult to remove concrete stains as the most basic cleaning methods will not deep clean the concrete. For those who love a clean and pristine driveway, or a business that needs to maintain a clean and orderly appearance, concrete stains can be a nightmare. When concrete stain develop, the fastest and most effective way to clean and have stain free concrete is with pressure cleaning.

Will a Pressure Washer Remove Concrete Stain?

When you have concrete stains you are faced with several challenges. To effectively get rid of concrete stains you will need to clean deep within the pores that is trapping the staining substances. Therefore, you will want to use pressure cleaning. When cleaning concrete stains, you will need to use intense pressure. Pressure cleaning uses enough force to clean out deep inside the pores of the concrete. Depending on what is causing the stains, all that is needed to clean the stains is just water. However, there are certain stains that may need to be chemically treated first. When using chemicals to remove stains, there are two methods. One method uses a cleaning solution and combines it with the water inside the pressure cleaning tank. The other method is when a chemical cleaner is directly applied over the concrete and allows the cleaner to soak deeply into the concrete. Later the concrete is cleaned using a pressure cleaning machine. Not only can the chemical applied be different depending on the type of stain in the concrete, but there are also different type of pressure cleaning machines. Most people are familiar with the hand held sprayer style pressure cleaning machine. However there is another type of pressure cleaner that is often used for pressure cleaning concrete, asphalt and other hard ground surfaces. A floor or ground pressure cleaning machine has rotating bristles that aid in cleaning the concrete. When you need to deep clean and remove stains from concrete, pressure cleaning can transform your concrete.

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