Wood Deck Power Washing in Zebulon, GA; Cleaning Decking to Remove Mold & Algae Growth

Does your deck have mold or algae all over it? Both mold and algae can cause major damage on the wood and lead to premature repair or complete deterioration of the deck. When mold or algae begins to develop on the deck, it is important to clean the deck right away. One of the most effective ways to clean a deck is with pressure cleaning. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share why pressure cleaning is such an effective method for cleaning decks.

Causes of Mold & Algae Growing on Decking

Mold and algae often develops on the darker side of the deck where the sun doesn’t shine. Both mold and algae develops when the deck get wets or is in humid environments where moisture and outdoor particles come together. Mold and algae can develop deep in the grain of the wood. The longer the mold and algae is left unchecked, the deeper into the wood it will go. To clean mold or algae off of a deck, you will need to be able to penetrate deep into the wood grain. A professional pressure cleaning service is often the best answer. A professional pressure cleaning service has the equipment and knows the proper settings to clean wood surfaces. When cleaning wood, it is important to know what settings is needed to clean deep within the grain of the wood without damaging it.

How to Stop Algae & Mold Growing on Wood Decks

Not only is the proper force or pressure wash setting essential, it is also using the proper solvents to treat mold or algae. Algae and mold require a need to be cleaned with a solvent designed to kill them and prevent them from returning. Simply spraying off mold or algae wont do the trick. It will only make the wood appear clean. Instead, you will want to kill the mold or algae and prevent it from a premature return. Preventing mold and algae completely can only be done with regular cleaning and proper treatment. Additionally, wooden decks require the need to be refinished every few years to maintain a protective barrier which will stop mold, algae, and other contaminates from infecting the wood. When decks require refinishing, often they can also be pressure cleaned. This not only deeply cleans the deck and the wood, it also can help remove stains and loose paint. Professional pressure cleaning services can help remove some of the deck stains or paint, which makes the refinishing process go even faster.

Should I Pressure Wash My Deck

There are a number of different situations where pressure cleaning your deck is beneficial. Pressure cleaning the deck ensures a deep clean and helps to prepare the deck for the coming spring and summer season. If the deck has been a bit neglected during the winter season and needs a deep clean, pressure cleaning is recommended. If mold or algae is present don’t hesitate to have it cleaned to prevent wood rot and other damages. A professional service will know how to properly treat and clean your deck and ensure its longevity.

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