A Clean Storefront is a Great Way to Promote & Advertise Your Locust Grove GA Business to New Customers & Clients!

In today’s modern technological society era, the internet is at your fingertips, and so is customer review websites, social media and bloggers. When your business depends on customer traffic, you need to make a first impression, a lasting one. With but a few negative reviews, your business could be hurting and it can take years to bounce back. Customers take note on the appearance of the exterior of a business consciously or subconsciously. Picture a business, a quaint little café for example. The building’s exterior is layered in dirty pollutants, making what was once a light playful paint job look like the floor of a mechanics shop. The windows are cloudy, and barely visible. The storefront’s door is coated in mud, dirt and even bird droppings. The sidewalks are littered with trash, show tread markings, slimy residues and lumps of chewed gum. Noticing the parking lot just a few feet away has the typical gross look of tire tread, foot traffic, spit, wildlife waste, and other contaminates you would rather not mention, and finally off to the side you see the dumpster pad, painted with garbage juice, food particles, and even insects in their nasty varieties. The odors emanating or pungent at best, and suddenly the frapacino and scone suddenly do not look the least bit appetizing.

What Attracts Customers to a Store or Restaurant; A Clean Business Storefront

Now let us paint a different scene, with the same café. Parking lot is litter free, and tarnishes and blemishes are not in sight. The dumpster pad off to the side is meticulously kept, not an insect anywhere. Sidewalks are glistening in radiance and even lack the slippery residue, letting you know it is safe to walk on. The café’s windows are crystal clear, and buzzing of soft conversation, nibbling and sipping are being had by many. The door beckons you to open it without a smudge upon it and the smells of desserts and aromas of coffees is mouthwatering and so inviting. The building itself is pollutant free and the playful paint is vibrant and welcoming. And now you can barely contain yourself as you wait for your scone and frapacino.

Regular Pressure Washing Advantages

With a professional pressure cleaning, the storefront and surrounding areas are kept clean and deodorized to showcase what your business has to offer, as opposed to trying to filter past the filth. Investing in a routinely scheduled pressure cleaning is extremely beneficial to any business, but especially so to the ones catering to the public.

Benefits of Power Washing Include:
1. Happier customers who feel more comfortable with their surroundings.
2. Increase possibilities of walk-in traffic and referrals.
3. Cleaner environment promotes better health for both staff members and customers.
4. Promotes advertisement of sorts, suggesting pride and health of your business to you customers.
5. Increased visibility. Clean appearances are always more attracting, keep it clean and germ and odor free to increase customer base.

Residential Pressure Cleaning & Commercial Power Washing in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove & Griffin Georgia

Big Moose Pressure Cleaning offers a variety of pressure cleaning services to commercial businesses. Our experienced technicians can safely remove the buildup of dirt, grime and filth, and keep it maintained with our routinely scheduled visits. Call us today to get started!

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